Viet Nam delicious food with strange names

1, Sweet potato cakes – “Bánh Rế  ” in Phan Thiet


The “Banh re” cake is a kind of snack that every kid love to eat. It is made from sweet potatoes. After washing and rejecting the cover of sweet potatoes, the locals shave sweet potatoes into fibers and fried them till well done with good smell. Next, they dip fried sweet potatoes into caramel for a while then put it on a tray to dry out. People come to Mui Ne usually buy banh re cakes as a gift when returning home.

banh re

A bag of Phan Thiet sweet potato cakes costs  from 10,000 – 20,000 VND. It is a cheap but attractive for first-time visitors to enjoy. Many shops with these cakes are around the Phan Thiet market and Mui Ne.

2, Flat bread –  “Bánh căn” is a popular cakes in the South Central region.


“Bánh Căn” is a popular cake in the central province of Khanh Hoa, Ninh Thuan and Binh Thuan. Cakes shaped base with cakes Khot near in the southern provinces, but a completely different way. If rice flour cakes Khot was “fried” (because there used grease), the rice flour cake base is “baked”.


Flat breads are usually served with raw vegetables, green mango fibroblasts, onion, cucumber chopped strands. Sauce is usually diluted, garlic, chili … or water fish stock (usually scad).

3, fermented pork skin – “ Bánh Tré” in Binh Dinh


Tourists aren’t only attracted by unique taste, but also impressed by the special shape like a broomstick of ” Bánh Tré” – fermented pork skin. Guests passing Binh Dinh will be very surprised to see a lot of small broom hanging on the roadside shop sales. When asked the local people let you know this new unique dish called fermented pork skin. This is a famous specialty of central especially in Binh Dinh.


To add flavor to the dish appealing, it is served with assorted vegetables, pickles, peppers dipped in garlic sauce or chutney. Fermented pork skin Binh Dinh makes anyone who once enjoyed are unforgettable full gamut of flavors from sour, spicy, salty, sweet …

4, Red plastic – ” Hồng khô” hanging in Da Lat – exclusive specialties, unusual fogging


“Hồng Khô” retains the natural sweet flavor, quite soft and flexible within the famous specialty of Da Lat. Guests traveling Dalat least once looking to buy the dried persimmons hanging nutty. Specialties are made from fresh red fruit flattened shape flattened, rounded, concave in the middle, around the slightly bulging. All flavors of red fruit are unchanged from sweet supple and flowing.

You can get to visit the rose garden near the Bao Dai Palace III area located on Vietnam Trieu Vuong, ward 2, Da Lat or riding about 5 km in an east – south to Pass Mimosa. The gardens with light yellow roses covered the area will give you a feeling of ecstasy to unforgettable. You can take photos, enjoy local and buy these boxes hanging pink as a gift for a loved one.

5, “Bánh bột lọc”  in Quang Binh

“Bot loc” cakes is a specialty of Quang Binh, Hue, Quang Tri. Thanks to the taste of tapioca flour and ground pork and the different way of processing shrimps, the cake leaves unforgettable feelings.

Banh Loc

Stuffed with sautéed shrimps and sliced pork belly, the cake of flat tube shape is wrapped in banana leaves and then steamed. After a few minutes, the flour cover turns pliant and translucent, so we can spot the eye-catching pink shrimp inside the cake. For the cake without banana leaves, so-called clear tapioca cake, the cake is boiled not steamed; therefore, the flavor is a little more chewy but less fragrant than the other. Scallion oil, rendered pork fat and fish sauce colored with green chilly are ideal complements.


6, “ Chè Trôi Nước” in Ha Noi

Che Troi Nuoc

The sweetness of sugar, the fat in coconut milk, green bean’s fleshy, “Chè Trôi Nước” – Sweet soup is very attractive to both Vietnamese people and foriegn people. You should find to eat once when visiting Ha Noi. Especially, the food makes you feel warmer in cold days.

Picture 002

A bowl of “Chè Trôi Nước” is very simple but it is delicious. Once thinking about it, most of the Ha Noi people always miss home when going away.

7, Conjugal cakes“ Bánh Phu Thê” in Bac Ninh

The conjugal cakes are normally served at Vietnamese weddings and used as a wedding invitation or taken by the man’s family to the woman’s family on engagement day. It is the reason why the local people call them “conjugal cakes”.  If visitors have the opportunity to visit Bac Ninh in spring, you could not miss  enjoy these cakes.

phu the

“Banh phu the”  is a lot more interesting in texture and flavor. In the real one, the cake has it green color and flavor by being steamed inside its box…

8, Five colors sticky rice – “ Sôi ngũ sắc” in Ha Giang

Xoi Ngu Sac (Sticky rice with 5 colors)

Whenever going to Ha Giang or Tuyen Quang, you must taste Five colors sticky rice whose beautiful name can make us image how special this food is. It is an important dish that can not be forgotten by Tay ehtnic minority people, especially at Tet holiday or festival occasions, ect. The Tay believe if someone eat away iridescence in the holidays, the festival will have a lot of luck, good.

cach lam xoi ngu sac dspl6

A special feature of this dish is the five color (white sticky rice, red, blue, purple, yellow). White is the color of rice materials, the remaining color is formed by soaking the rice with water leaves and roots of forest trees.

9, Bee sweet soup – “ Chè Con Ong” in Phu Tho

In winter, Phu Tho people often cook  “ Chè Con Ong” and drink tea . The combination is wonderful. That makes them feel warmer in the cold day. This dish is gradually famous in the North Vietnam Plains and Midlands.


“Chè con ong” is ladled out each small bowl or small plate. These particles when cooked glutinous rice. The dark color of bee sweet soup as the color of bees so they call the dish “ Chè con ong” – Bee sweet soup.

10, “Banh Xeo” cakes in Da Nang

Banh Xeo

These savoury pancakes are absolutely divine. Stuff them full of bean sprouts, prawns and pork or chicken, and enjoy the crunch.

Gaitri says: “The Vietnamese word ‘xeo’ (pronounced ‘sayo’) represents the sizzling sound made when the batter for these pancakes hits the pan. Ingredients, preparation and names vary across the country, and southerners are reputedly more generous with the filling than northerners. Eat them the Vietnamese way: wrap bits in lettuce leaves with herbs to taste. Or serve folded, as a wrap in its own right, doubling the amount of filling.”

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