Over 250 tickets sold after two days for Son Doong Cave tour in 2017.

Over 4500 clicks on the internet on the first day and more than 300 registers after two days on sale
make on your “Son Doong Cave” in 2017 impressive.

The Son Doong conquering tour – the largest cave on Earth has been on sale on August 15th that attracts more than
300 registers in only two days.

The company Oxalis (Chua Me Dat) has announced that they may only organize Son Doong tour for over 500 people during the time from
January to August of 2017.

Son Doong Cave
Son Doong Cave

According to the General director of Oxalis Nguyen Chau A, the tickets will be sold to the first participants who satisfy health requirements that
visitors are required to be passed 50 kilometres in a jungle and mountain for five-day trip; 400 metres of elevation (road and valleys); river crossings
(knee deep, wide river of 10-50m), including more than 9 kilometres caving such as stone terrain, rope climbing and scrambling; passing through underground river
with waving currents and five days inside

The tickets for Son Doong Cave in 2017 cost 66 million (3000 USD) per person.
The tour includes 22 porters, 2 cooks, 5 safety assistants, an english tour guide, a cave expert and 2 forestry surveillances to serve 10 special visitors.

For those who cannot meet health requirements, time or cannot affort for Son Doong, they can explore other adventure tours less than the days of Son Doong Cave
such as En Cave (2 days 1 night), Va Cave, Tu Lan (optional days) and Tien Cave

The Son Doong tour was first opened on August 1st 2013 and over 1300 guests conquered successfully, including eight ambassadors from many countries in the world.

In 2015, Viet Nam and Australia ranked the second, the third and US visitors ranked top.
In 2016, Vietnam lists the second and US is still on top.

Visitors who successfully registered are being in healthy requirement confirmation status.

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