Bang Onsen Hot Spring resort attractive destination of Quang Binh

Bang Onsen Resort is located in Kim Thuy commune, Le Thuy district – Quang Binh. Located in the middle of the majestic Truong Son mountains, Bang hot springs weave through the forests, many sections boiling and smoking. Perhaps in Vietnam and in the world, there are very few hot mineral springs that can boil to 105 degrees Celsius all year round (other hot springs mostly only reach 70-80 degrees Celsius). With Truong Thinh Group investing trillions of VND in Nuoc Nuoc Nong Bang Onsen Resort, it will become a highlight in the south of Quang Binh province. Bang Onsen Spa Resort officially opens from 14.08.2023 and operates from 15.08.

Map Bang Onsen
Map Bang Onsen

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An attractive destination.

On both sides of the stream, the smell of sulfur from the water rose suffocatingly. Especially the trees around the stream are still strangely green. From Dong Hoi city – Quang Binh, follow Ho Chi Minh road down to the South 60km to Thanh Bang intersection. Turn west for another 12km to enter Bang hot spring (in Kim Thuy – Le Thuy commune). Visitors can also take National Highway 1A then turn right to the center of Le Thuy district, go directly to reach this eco-tourism area.


The stream runs along a wooded valley and empties into the river with many rapids. In the early mornings, Quang Binh is bitterly cold, the middle of the Truong Son jungle is even colder. But on the banks of Bang streams, the heat from the water brings with it a strong sulfur smell that warms the surrounding air.

The spring water was cloudy, and many dark places were smoking. On both sides of the stream, under the hollows of rocks are puddles the size of a leaf cone, the water is clear and boiling. The stocky crabs brought from Nhat Le Sea, thrown into them immediately cringed sticks, and then quickly turned orange. In just 5 minutes, the 0.5kg crab ripens inside and out and is exoticly juicy. Even a famous chef cannot create such a crab flavor on the fire.

Bang Onsen Resort
Bang Onsen Resort

Bang Stream was discovered during the period of “cutting along the Annamite Mountains to save water”. This place used to be the military hospital of the Changshan army. This special hot spring has contributed to the healing of many wounds and the restoration of health for thousands of soldiers. The war passed, the Bang stream was forgotten. It was not until 1990 that Quang Binh province opened the way to exploit Bang spring water to make bottled mineral water.

Along with Phong Nha cave famous around the world, Bang hot spring with a boiling point of 105 degrees Celsius is a precious gift that nature has given to Quang Binh province. When well-invested, Quang Binh tourism in general, Bang Onsen hot spring resort in particular has the opportunity to take off. It will become an ideal destination for not only domestic tourists but also attract international tourists to visit.

Room Bang Onsen Resort
Room Bang Onsen Resort

Bang Onsen Resort is open from 14.08.2023 Currently, Bang Spring has assigned to Truong Thinh Group, on 14.08, Truong Thinh Group will open this service area. Visitors can experience the 1-day or 2-day-1-night Bang Hot Spring Tour When Bang hot spring comes into operation, it will be the highlight of Quang Binh tourism, and diversifying products for Quang Binh

Bang Onsen resort Hot Spring project will become a chain of destinations in the south of Quang Binh province (concentrated in Le Thuy area and part of Quang Ninh district) such as General Vo Nguyen Giap Memorial House, Nguyen Huu Canh Mausoleum, Hoang Phuc Pagoda, Than Dinh Mountain, Nuoc Trong Cold eco-tourism area, Cha Loi cave, valley of love, especially located in Dong Chau Khe Nuoc Trong nature reserve, trekking primeval forest in Quang Binh…


Bang Onsen Spa Resort promises to bring wonderful and new experiences, along with famous tourist destinations promises to create an attractive tourist complex for domestic tourists and International.

Room rate list at Bang Onsen Spa Resort 2023

Bang Onsen Spa Resort’s luxury package starts from VND 2,190,000 per person/night (Weekdays) FULL BOOKING IS REQUIRED 2 GUESTS/ROOM.

Includes: 01 night stay in Deluxe.

01 Set Japanese Menu for lunch or dinner.

Japanese standard 9-step Onsen bath with no time limit.

Terms and Conditions apply

Required to book 02 guests/room.

Surcharge 200,000vnd/guest/night for 6th and 7th days.

Surcharge 200,000vnd/guest/night on 1,2,3 September 2023.

Children under 4 years old can stay with parents. Maximum 2 children/room (free sharing room, breakfast only) Reservations without cancellation.

Validity: From now until 31/12/2023

The continued development of the investment project to build Bang Onsen resort and rehabilitation resort will concretize the issues raised in the master plan for socio-economic development of the locality, so that the People’s Committee of Le Thuy district can set the right investment policies for the infrastructure network such as road system, domestic wastewater drainage system, rainwater combined with irrigation, power supply system, communication … This will be the basis for promoting economic development and a premise to improve the lives of the people of Le Thuy district.

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