Dark Cave is the most popular tourism site in the area. It was first discovered in 1990 and opened up not long after that. The Dark Cave is the smaller version of the Son Doong Cave. The reason for the name is that there is no artificial light installed inside the cave and with its total length of 6 kilometers it’s nothing but darkness! Moreover, the rocks inside the cave are dark, with grey and black color.

In 2014 a 400 meters double-zip line was built and is now used to enter the cave. The zip-line is the longest zip-line in Vietnam and the Phong Nha-Ke Bang Tourism Center received a Vietnamese Guinness Records award at the beginning of the Quang Binh 2015 Cave Festival which was a big success for attracting customer who love adventure games.

Dark Cave

The mix of cave exploration and zipline system which attracts more tourist on the visit of the National Park.

There are two option for tourist to visit this site in Dark Cave:

1. Chay River 

Experience the zipline ride and other water games on Chay river such as kayaking, riding swan boat, sliding-board and smaller zipline (Flying fox); holding with your hands and ride to the middle of the river where participants can be able to actually release themselves in to the water.

Swim in Chay River

2. Dark Cave:

Our guides will provide all equipment and information about the history of the cave on the way to explore the Dark Cave and to experience the natural mud-bath inside the cave. After successfully exploring the cave it’s time to take the kayak and paddle back to the boat station and enjoy all activities on Chay river.

Finally, when all the participants have used up their energy in the water games, it’s time to refuel at the Dark Cave restaurant. Our chefs prepare tasty traditional meals for a very reasonable price and the dining area has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Zipline Chay River
Zipline Chay River

Dark Cave price:

1. Full-access ticket dark Cave

  • Adult (Height from 1.3m onward, weight limit within 40 – 90kg): 450.000 vnd/pax

Including: Riding the long zipline to the entrance of the cave (400m), exploring the cave and enjoy the natural mud-bath inside one of the passages, kayaking, smaller zipline on the river, adventure bridge, swan-boat ride, sliding board, etc.

Explorer Dark Cave
  • Children (Height from 1m – 1.3m): 150.000 vnd/pax (Use kayak to enter the cave instead of the long zipline)

Including: exploring the cave and enjoy the natural mud-bath inside one of the passages, kayaking, smaller zipline on the river, swan-boat ride, sliding board, etc.

Tour Paradise Cave and Dark Cave 1 day full

2. Limit – access ticket (No cave access)

–  Adult (Height from 1.3m onward, weight limit within 40 – 90kg): 270.000 vnd/pax

Including: Riding the long zipline to the entrance of the cave (400m), kayaking, smaller zipline on the river, adventure bridge, swan-boat ride, sliding board, etc.

– Children (Height from 1m – 1.3m): 110.000 vnd/pax (Use kayak instead of the long zipline)

Kayak in Chay River
Song Chay Hang Toi – Dark cave

Including: kayaking, smaller zipline on the river, adventure bridge, swan-boat ride, sliding board, etc.

Explore the Cha Loi cave system and learn about Van Kieu community culture in 2 days and 1 night.

About 45km from the center of Dong Hoi city, Quang Binh province to the southwest . Cha Loi cave and Love Valley will give you a feeling of peace, a new experience. It í the experience of wildness, conquest and endless natural beauty.


Explore the Cha Loi cave system and learn about Van Kieu community culture in 2 days and 1 night.


Dai Tuong Cave

Cha Loi cave is a cave system located in Ngan Thuy commune, Le Thuy district, Quang Binh province. To admire the magical beauty of stalactites, the mystery of the underground river plus the wild features of the mountains… Visitors will experience adventure challenge in a level 3, passing cassava fiels, walking among vast valleys . slippery mud and swimming in underground rivers, the water temperature here is about 22 degrees C…but it is worth it. Say goodbye to Cha Loi Cave, now is the time to relax, enjoy the fresh air of “ Valley of Love “ – a camping site, check in location in this tour!


In addition, you will also have cultural exchanges with the Bru – Van Kieu, an ethnic minority in Quang Binh province, know more about the customs of worshiping the living, wedding ceremony… very special and bold cultural imprint on the ethnic minorities of Viet Nam.


Here, join us to explore the wonderful nature and culture of the land Le Thuy – the hometown of General Vo Nguyen Giap.


You will be able to participate in the overnight camping in the beautiful Valley of Love, enjoy the delicious local dishes, the dishes are bold about cuisine of the people here.



Tour 2 days 1 night will be a memorable journey and worth to go when you travel to Quang Binh, the cave kingdom of the world. Joining this tour is so great that you should try it at least once in your life.


You are camping , enjoying outdoor BBQ in the Valley of Love , separated from the outside world. Equipped with exploration equipment, to become a cave discovery expert, admire the beautiful stalactites that are millions of years old .

Visit and experience the lives of Bru Van Kieu people.



Vinh Moc Tunnels is part of Vinh Linh’s tunnel village system, distributed within of 15 villages. The system of tunnel villages and works in the tunnels consists of 3 floors, 8-22.5m above the ground, more than 1000m long, 1.7-1.8m high. Along the two sides of the tunnel there are small walls and niches that can accommodate 2 to 4 people. In the tunnels, there are other works such as: bulletin board, maternity house, water well, surgery station, dispensary, cooking kitchen, there is also a hall with a capacity of 50-60 people for meetings and performances. art.

VInh Moc Tunner
Tourists visit Vinh Moc tunnels

When the war reached the point of destruction, even plants and insects were burned by thousands of tons of bombs. Then life here goes on sequentially. Unbelievably in the 2000 days and nights of existence, this place no one was injured and 17 babies were born. The lullaby overpowered the bomb. Today, Vinh Moc Tunnels is the birthplace of the vitality of Vietnamese people, visitors not only admire the tunnel system but also contemplate the slogan, which has become the philosophy for the whole nation: “An inch does not go, a glass that doesn’t leave”.

Vinh Linh is a district in the north of Quang Tri province, divided into two by the 17th parallel, according to the Geneva agreement in 1954. Since 1965, the US imperialists waged a war to destroy North Vietnam by force. The land of Vinh Linh north of the Ben Hai River became a bomb bag, the fire line of the war. During the time Quang Tri was liberated (1965 – 1972), the land of less than 820 km2 was subjected to more than half a million tons of bombs and bullets. On average, a resident suffered 7 tons. With the will of “An inch does not go, a glass does not leave”, clinging to protect the homeland, keeping the blood vessels open to support the front line. The army and people of Vinh Linh province have moved their lives from the ground to the underground to create a massive tunnel village with 114 tunnels, with a length of slightly 40 km, along with more than 2000 km of trenches, connecting the tunnel villages with each other. . Vinh Moc Tunnels is the most typical, a miracle for existence to live, independence and freedom.

door Vinh mooc
door Vinh mooc

Within 3 years from 1965 to 1968, both fighting the enemy and digging tunnels, Vinh Moc village mobilized 18,000 working days to dig and backfill 6000 m3 of soil and rock to create a system of geo-tunnels in the heart of the red earth hill with three compartments. The tunnels are interlaced with many doors from all directions, 4 teams dug 4 branches to form a smooth system called the surrounding tunnel village, surrounding the tunnel village has 8200 m of traffic, they fight with the mass. rock up to 3.76 million m3.


The cry of babies bursting into the ground over the sound of falling bombs is one of the legends of Vinh Linh tunnels. And now many tourists have come here to explore and admire Vinh Moc tunnels, “legend in the ground”.

Phong Nha Cave tour from Dong Hoi is the first choice for travelers. Vehicles such as airplanes, trains and cars all come to Dong Hoi Quang Binh. Quang Binh in general and Phong Nha in particular have become one of the prominent places on Vietnam’s tourism map. We know that Quang Binh is a land of history and a place blessed with forests and the sea. Although this is the narrowest place in the country, but it is a place with very long sea routes. So Quang Binh has great potential to develop tourism. Currently, travelers around the world are focusing their attention on a place in Quang Binh. That is Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park. Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park is about 45km on the west of  Dong Hoi city.

Phong Nha Cave Tours from Dong Hoi

Phong Nha National Park is a well know tourist attraction in Quang Binh province. Here, there are approximately 500 big and small caves. Phong Nha is a must see cave in Vietnam because it is titled as the Kingdom of Cave in the country. Coming to Phong Nha National Park, tourists not only get a chance to admire the mighty of the nature but they also take their opportunity to pay a visit spectacular stalagmites and stalactites inside the caves. For example: Phong Nha cave, Paradise cave, Dark cave, Son Doong cave…

Currently, there are many tour companies in Quang Binh serving tours to Phong Nha. You can stay at the hotel in Dong Hoi and from here you book tours to Phong Nha Ke Bang to visit. There are many tourists will choose the accommodation when coming to Quang Binh that is Phong Nha town. but the only way to get to Phong Nha is oto. Therefore, most tourists will choose Dong Hoi City as a place to stay because it is very convenient for everything: transportation, hotels, eating, swimming in the sea…

When you take a tour from the city, you will have a more general view, because all the paths take you to the legendary Ho Chi Minh trail, you will better understand the historical landmarks here. Not only that, the two sides of the road are covered with forests planted by the people to serve the economy. You will see the peaceful hills and countryside along the road. Therefore, in this article, we would like to share with you the advantages when you choose Dong Hoi as the accommodation for your trip in Quang Binh.

Here, Netin Travel would like to offer travelers Phong Nha Caves tours from Dong Hoi:

Phong Nha Caves – Paradise cave

Phong Nha cave – Dark cave

Dark cave – Zipline – Paradise cave

Phong Nha Caves

Hotline Tour Phong Nha: 0914 666 871 Ms Thao  – 0914 666 872 Mr Cuong

This Phong Nha travel blog and guide has all you need to know to plan your trip to one of the most peaceful and real experiences in Vietnam right now.  We’ll cover your budget, things to do, where to sleep, where to eat, things to avoid, and itineraries based on how much time you’ve got in Phong Nha, Vietnam.

This is our 2nd time here and overall we’ve spent a month here this go around, in a place where the average stay should be 3 days! After about day 3 we pretty much had the whole area memorized for the most part or at least the general direction.  Together, we’ve listed our top things to do and visit for all different types of travelers coming through Phong Nha and trying to visit Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park.

You are absolutely fine to visit Phong Nha anywhere between January and August as this is the dry season and you’re guaranteed to have perfect weather 1 of every 3 days you’re here, if not all. March – May is the perfect time to visit this beautiful region of Vietnam but you should take caution that it can get pretty hot and humid around June, July and August.

Best time to visit Phong Nha
Best time to visit Phong Nha

Typhoon season is mid-September through November so this would be the only time of year we do not recommend traveling to Phong Nha as it doesn’t make for a good time. We personally have enjoyed the weather and all the scenery in the months of January and February, so it’d be more exciting to know that we haven’t even seen the peak months!

Phong Nha is notorious for being one of the best-caving destinations in the world.  Since allowing British cavers to come here in the ’90s, exploration of around 400 caves in Phong Nha Ke Bang have happened!  Fortunately, visiting the area no matter if you’re only here for 1,2,3, or more days…they’ve got caves for you to visit given all budgets and timeframes.

Dark Cave

Situated in Phong Nha Ke-Bang National Park, Dark Cave is the last stop of the National Park Loop. Dark Cave is the most adventure-filled option for budget travelers. First, you will take a zip-line to the entrance of the cave, then switch to canoes and paddle into the cave. You will be given life vests and helmets with headlamps which are so necessary as the cave’s name speaks for itself – it’s dark in there. When you get off the boat, you will proceed further on foot and through the narrow tunnels deeper in the cave to find a cavern with mud pool where you can play and throw mud at each other. After that, you can swim in the cave and finally exit to a small water adventure park with zip lines and climbing challenges (which as for February 2020 are not in good condition and we are not sure if they are safe to use).

Dark Cave

Paradise Cave


You’ve two options to see the Paradise Cave: go inside for 1 km deep either by yourself or during a National Park Tour, that’s what most visitors to Phong Nha do. Unlike many other caves, this one is easily accessible and cheap.

Alternatively, trek 7 km into the cave with a guided tour to see incredible stalactites and stalagmites as well as a doline (an opening in the ceiling of the cave that enables daylight to come through) at the end of the trek. This option is more pricey but still not so much compared to other caves and it’s totally worth it!

Feb 2020 pricing is roughly 2,650,000VND/person and ages 10+

Either way, Paradise Cave is your go-to option if you only have time to discover one cave.


Phong Nha Cave

This is the first cave to have been discovered by British speleologists back in the day and the first one that has been open to the public. Phong Nha Cave is a river cave and you don’t need to take a guided tour to see it, just arrive at the tourism center, pay for your tickets and the locals will take you up the river and into the cave in the “dragon boat”.

There is another cave located above Phong Nha Cave – Tien Son cave. You will need to hike up 500 stairs to be rewarded with spectacular views of the area and some interesting cave formations.

Entrance Fees (Feb 2020) Phong Nha Cave: 150,000VND and Tien Son 80,000VND

Son Doong / Hang En

The largest cave in the world discovered so far is located right here, in Phong Nha! Son Doong has been accidentally discovered in 1991 by a local but remained unknown until 2009 when explored by the British Speleological Association led by Howard and Deb Limbert. Not only is Son Doong cave unique for having the highest stalagmites in the world but also its own ecosystem: light penetrates into the cave through the dolines and gives life to flora and fauna. This cave is the most famous and the most expensive to visit among the numerous Phong Nha Caves!

Pricing Feb 2020: $3000USD/person

Phong Nha is more than just the caves, you’ve got an untapped culture just waiting to be explored!

Attractions in Phong Nha, Vietnam

The Duck Stop


Have you ever imagined yourself interaction with a couple of hundred ducks at once?…dreamed of getting your feet massaged by little quackers that want nothing more than to nibble at the bits and pieces of food out from in between your toes?! Luckily for you, The Duck Stop allows you to be a “Duck Leader” and lead your little feathered friends to a photo-op and have them bow before you to receive their food.

Pro Tip: Walk slowly for better pictures and videos.

Bong Lai Nature Farm Giant Swing

Bong Lai Nature Farm’s Giant Swing
One of the most underrated places we visited while out in the countryside in Bong Lai Valley. We couldn’t have had a better and more genuine time while at the nature farm conversing with the owner, looking over the valley from while watching life happen around you. For 50k you can ride on the oversized swing while the owner runs up and down the ramp pushing you further and further.

Secret Tip: Give him your phone and he’ll run and take photos of you from all angles

Watching the sunset at Phong Nha Farmstay
Sunset at phong nha farmstay with Radicallyeverafter

This had to be the most peaceful and tranquil way for us to end our days while spending 30 in town. To be able to watch the sunset over the rice fields and watch the farmers. When the sun is setting as well, they offer a happy hour drink deal which is a 2 for 1 on Rum and coke or Gin and tonics! Also be sure to ask for a menu with bar snacks as they offer quesadillas and fried spring rolls for under 60k.

Getting around Phong Nha in Vietnam
Motorbike in Phong Nha
By far the best way to get around is by motorbike! Despite you thinking ahead of time that it’s all hills, we can assure you that when in town you will find plenty of straightaways. You’ll wanna stop here and there to take photos of the beautiful mountains in the distance, workers in the rice fields, or maybe a water buffalo making his way down the middle of the street. You’ll never be able to stop and take in these views unless you’re transporting yourself to and from your next location. Riding on the outskirts of Phong Nha along the King Kong Loop, it almost felt as though we were riding th Thakhek Loop that was a part our Laos Itinerary in 2018!

Public Transportation in Phong Nha
This is something that doesn’t exist in town, but if you’re looking to do something other than a motorbike, you’ll just have to go with a taxi. A taxi from the center of town anywhere will only cost you a couple of dollars at most!

Getting to Phong Nha / Leaving Phong Nha
If you’re uncertain of how to get to town or are in the midst of planning on where to go after you’ve visited this hidden gem of Vietnam…Check out our friends who made an elaborate getting to and from Phong Nha page!

Where to stay in Phong Nha, Vietnam
Just 10 years ago there was only one place to find shelter when visiting the area, but now that tourism has started to boom around here it’ became home to 100 hostels, hotels, and homestays! We have been fortunate enough to try many different places in town on all different types of budgets to give you a better idea of what to expect and where spend/save that money.

As more and more people come here each and every year, the downtown area becomes dirtier and crowded. We found ourselves moving further into the countryside each and every day until we found that sweet spot!

Instead of the cheapest place, take into account the difference between hostel vs hotel and make your decision afterwards.

Hahaland Budget Hostel – Ideal place for you to stay on your journey to discover this region of Vietnam if you’re on a tight budget. Located in the center of town, right by the river and just 1km from the bus station. Hahaland is the best place to socialize and meet like-minded backpackers as well as being close to the party scene and late-night debauchery!

Phong Nha Farmstay
Phong Nha Farmstay – Midrange – By far the best accommodation we have found over the past few trips out this way. No place is like this in the area or in all Vietnam for that matter!

You’ll immerse yourselves into a “Real Vietnam” setting away from the crowds in the downtown area and become part of Ben & Bich’s family for however many nights you choose to stay.

Pro tip: For a special discount as well you can email them and mention us for a better rate.

Victory Road Villas
Victory Road Villas – Luxury – We had the privilege time around to be in Phong Nha for our anniversary, and couldn’t have had it pan out any better than it did.

If you’re looking to live a lavish lifestyle surrounded by the jungle with an inground pool, outside jacuzzi tub, some of the best food in town, and with a beer/wine list unlike any other in the area, then this is for you!

Pro tip: You can just as well email them and mention us to see what they have to offer!

Take a look at all properties in this map below and feel free to click on the chat icons in the bottom right-hand corner if you’ve any questions surrounding these establishments!

Restaurants in Phong Nha
Moi Moi restaurant bong Lai Valley
Moi Moi Restaurant
Situated in Bong Lai Valley is where you’ll find this diamond in the rough family establishment. Moi Moi, specializing in a slow-cooked pork in a bamboo chute with onions and carrots…It truly is a mouthwatering one of a kind dish that you can’t really find served as freshly as you do here. The menu is offered in English so you’ll have no problems finding what it is that you want.

Order: Slow-cooked Pork in Bamboo Chute

villas restaurant phong nha
The Villas Restaurant
After spending our anniversary at Victory Road Villas and eating just about everything we possibly could off the room service menu, it was inevitable for us not to come back and continuously enjoy this restaurant! Where else in town can you find duck confit, grilled salmon, or a beef tenderloin cooked to perfection? Not to mention you’ve got an exquisite view on the river and the boats passing by.

Entree to try: Grilled Salmon w/ caper mashed potatoes, asparagus and lime

The Pub with Cold Beer
No trip to Phong Nha Ke Bang would be complete whatsoever without paying a visit to the infamous Pub with Cold Beer. Situated on the outskirts of town in Bong Lai Valley between the Duck Stop and the Bong Lai Nature Farm’s Giant Swing is where you’ll find it! They’re the OGs of Phong Nha as they’ve been providing refreshments, relaxation, views, and one-of-a-kind experiences from the beginning. You can get as mild or wild as you’d like as they offer farm to table chicken on-site…meaning if you want to, you can catch and kill your own meal, or you can leave it to them to do it!

What to try: Grilled whole chicken and Huda Beer

Other places to try while visiting Phong Nha would be:
Omar’s Namaste – Indian Cuisine (If you’re in the mood for something other than Vietnamese)

Veggie Box – Vegetarian/Vegan (Takes an extremely long time up to an hour)

Coffee in Phong Nha
The Coffee Station
The coffee station phong nha
This just may be the only place in this area of Vietnam we’ve found a large variety of prep methods and bean mixtures. The Coffee Station offers cold brew, drip, traditional phin, aero press, siphon, and many other unique methods! Aside from the brilliance of the coffee menu they also serve up some amazing brunch-style food items to accompany all palates!

What to try: Cold brew with lime juice and simple syrup.

East Hill Coffee
East hill coffee in Phong nha, vietnam
A place most tourists don’t tend to stumble on we noticed this visit to Phong Nha as it’s not on the direct path most people travel when visiting this area. Perfectly situated on top of a hill overlooking the freely flowing granny smith colored rice fields is where you’ll find East Hill Coffee. With mostly local guests here drinking Huda beer and gnawing on some of the best-grilled chicken around…but don’t be fooled! The coffee here is fresh, views are amazing, and it’s the perfect stopover on the way from downtown to Bong Lai Valley!

What to try: Ice coffee and hot ginger tea

Capture Cafe
Capture cafe phong nha
This wasn’t our first time to Phong Nha, so it was a wonderful treat that we got to go back to one of the original and in our opinions, best coffee and food stops in town. If you find yourself at Capture Cafe be sure to try one of the best personal pizzas you can find in not only Phong Nha but in all of Vietnam. They also offer an extensive wine menu, western-style coffees, and daily happy hours to compete with any surrounding establishment!

What to try: Veggie Pizza and Cappuccino for dessert

While you don’t have a lot of options for nightlife in Phong Nha you shouldn’t be fooled into believing that it simply doesn’t exist. IT DOES! At one point in time the only place in town where everyone went to and partied was “Easy Tiger”, but now that competition is absolutely everywhere and scattered about you have to know where to go.

Momma D’s Rooftop
The one and only rooftop bar in the center and heartbeat of Phong Nha up an elevator inside of “” is where you’ll find this peaceful and relaxing retreat. Here they serve a large list of bottled craft beers, mixed cocktails, and a menu with typical Vietnamese food. The best draw aside from the view though is its extensive board game and card games that’s available to all guests. This is your ideal place to watch the sunset only if you’re in the downtown area of course.

Andys Nightclub
When we said don’t be fooled earlier…we meant DON’T BE FOOLED! At Andys nightclub open 11pm -5am you can keep the party going literally all night long. With an electronic/top 40 Dj playing, drinks flowing, travelers dancing, and drunk tourists pole dancing…you simply can’t miss this place! Just be sure to make your bus leaving town in the morning as this place will certainly be the reason you miss it!

This place should never be missed when visiting Vietnam due to budgeting. They’ve really laid it out so perfectly now that all kinds of budgets are welcome here. If you want the dirty backpacker vibe in a dorm room with 7 other people for $3-$4 a night you can do that here!

If you want to be comfortable and cozy but not drop $100, this can be your place…But if you wanna rent a 3 bedroom penthouse with room service, it’s also available in Phong Nha as well now! We’ve really done all forms of this over the past month of us living in all different setting here, if you’ve any questions about it click the little icon in the bottom right-hand corner and send us a message. We love nothing more than helping you all get out there to say “I did it!”.

In recent years, Quang Binh tourism has been well known in the world. Especially decent guys are becoming more and more attractive places in the eyes of international friends. famous for its beautiful painting and the wonders of caves such as: Heaven cave, Phong Nha cave, Tien Son cave, Son Doong cave, Tu lan cave … but maybe you still don’t know much about a place, considered to be sung today. That is the Chay River – Dark cave in Phong Nha – Ke Bang. This article we want to share with you the most complete information about this place.

Chay River and Dark cave is located in Bo Trach district, Quang Binh province. Chay River – Dark Cave is 75 km away from Dong Hoi in the Northwest, 3km from Thien Duong Cave. Chay River – Dark Cave is managed by Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park. You can only go by car or motorbike to get here. Bus currently only runs from Dong Hoi to Phong Nha. Want from Phong Nha to here you have to rent a tourist car in Phong Nha or Phong Nha motorbike to experience.


In 1992, the cave was discovered and named the Dark cave by the Royal Caves Expedition Association of England because of the dense darkness covering the nooks and crannies of the cave. The cave is 5,258m long, 80m high, 50m wide, including 2 gates: the front door is adjacent to the Chay river (30m high, 10m wide) and the back door is adjacent to the forest (50m high, about 20m wide). In the cave there are many stalactites shaped, diverse colors. The old stalactites have faded, the color is lime yellow, the color is white lime, the other is moss green. In particular, Dark cave possesses stalactites with parasitic living ferns – rarely seen in other caves.

According to scientific researchers, these stalactites are vestiges of a period of strong geological movement. Dark Cave also has underground river sections tens of meters deep, a natural freshwater lake named Thuy Tien and a mud lake of about 20m2 with essential minerals that are good for human health. In addition, the area of ​​Dark cave is also inhabited by animals such as bats, swallows, etc., especially the Hatinh langurs – primate species listed in Vietnam’s Red Book.

Chay River and Dark Cave is currently managed, invested and exploited by Phong Nha – Ke Bang Tourism Center with many attractive services. From the Chay River Animal Observatory, visitors can experience a zipline with a length of 400m across the river to reach the front door of the Dark cave. After exploring and bathing mud in the cave, visitors will be kayaking to explore the Chay River, then zipline zip line to drop people into the river bath and participate in many interesting underwater games.

  • You should prepare yourself a bikini outfit for the Mud Cave Dark bathing
  • For those who do not shower in the mud cave, how would you like to dress in clothes that you feel most comfortable with? But it is best to wear swimwear to facilitate the swing and bath springs again.
  • In addition, you should prepare an extra towel to wipe yourself dry when bathing in the stream is finished. Of course there will also be resorts but I think you should use your own towels.
  • Not all that you should wear comfortable clothes, sunscreen.
  • Wearing sandals is best because after bathing in the stream, wearing thick will be very uncomfortable. But it depends on your preference.

Tickets to visit the Chay River cave have 2 types of tickets. When buying a ticket to visit the Chay River in the evening, it is not returned. The entrance ticket to the Chay Song River Dinner includes the following services:

+ Package tickets: 450,000 VND / ticket.

Ticket service includes games at Chay River Dark Cave: Zipline Swing, Dark Mud Bath, Kayka Rowing, Baseball River Bathing, Lifejacket, headlamp, helmet to Dark Cave, game show continuous.

+ Private ticket service: VND 270,000 / ticket

Services include: Zipline zip-line, Kayka, Chay river bathing, life jacket, play games show games continuously…

Tours: Dark cave – Zipline – Paradise cave

gmail: info@quangbinhtravel.vn

whats app: +84 945210225(ms Thao)

7 The best of Phong Nha Ke Bang is assessed by royal cave experts in the UK.

  1. The cave is longest.
  2. The door of the cave is highest and widest.
  3. There are the most beautiful underground lakes.
  4. The dry cave is largest and most beautiful.
  5. The most magnificent and beautiful jelly.
  6. The underground river is longest in Vietnam.
  7. The rocks and sand is most beautiful and wide.

Phong Nha cave is 7,729m long. The door is 20-25m wide, about 10m high. With beautiful marble stalactites, large arches, the space in the fanciful cave.

With the 7 most of Phong Nha Ke Bang Cave, visitors will experience the fascinating types of tourism. Currently coming to Phong Nha you can visit Phong Nha Cave for the first 1km and can explore decent Phong 4500 across Son Ho.

The boat will take you on the Son River for about 30 minutes. On the way visitors will see the lives of people and nature in Phong Nha Ke Bang area. By the cave entrance all the engines of the boat will be switched off. Instead, the ferryman will use the steering wheel to pass the pass. Visitors will admire the 7 most of Phong Nha Ke Bang rated by cave experts.

Quickly book tickets to Phong Nha Ke Bang Cave to discover Quang Binh.

Phong Nha Ke Bang Tourism is considered the heart of Quang Binh tourism. In recent years Tourism in Phong Nha Ke Bang has developed strongly. The number of tourists visiting Phong Nha Ke Bang increases each year. Many attractive tourist products are put into operation in Phong Nha.

To synthesize destinations in Phong Nha Ke Bang. Netin Travel has collected Phong Nha Ke Bang tourist map for tourists to visit when traveling to Quang Binh.

Attractive Phong Nha Ke Bang tourist sites such as Phong Nha Cave, Paradise Cave, Chay River- Dark River or Mooc Spring are displayed on the Phong Nha Ke Bang Tourist map. Tourists can easily imagine for their Quang Binh travel itinerary.

With this tourist map, visitors will know the entrance fees at Phong Nha-Ke Bang.


You can refer to acctractive tours in Phong Nha – Ke Bang by wedsite: phongnhacave.org
If you need advice on Phong Nha tourism, please contact the hotline 0914 666 871 or 0914666872
You can refer to the latest Quang Binh tourist map here: https://www.quangbinhtravel.vn/ban-do-du-lich-quang-binh-2018.html

Quang Binh is a province in Central Vietnam, one of the places that suffered many demages during Vietnam War. Today, when peace is restored, with the inherent beauty that nature offers, Quang Binh has become a famous tourist destination of our country, representing the image of Vietnam closer to the world.  Those are wonderful landscapes and have been recognized as a record. We would like to introduce 11 Vietnam records that Quang Binh owns.


1 Local has the most cave system.

2 The locality has the longest underground river system.

3 The cave has the largest cave dome.

4 Ho Chi Minh Road system (including East and West) goes through the longest province.

5 The locality has the narrowest breadth.

6 Hot Spring is the highest temperature.

7 Three records of Paradise Cave.

7.1 Dry caves have the longest length.

7.2 The long dry cave has the most unique stalactite system.

7.3 The cave has the longest wooden bridge.

8 The longest coastline and sandbar.

8.1 Sun Spa Resort – a tourist area with sea and longest river surface.

Local has the most cave systems.

The common record for all Quang Binh is that “The locality has the most cave systems”. This is also the reason why Quang Binh is always associated with the name “kingdom of caves”. In the system of hundreds of large and small caves here, the Phong Nha – Ke Bang cave system alone is rated as the World’s most valuable by the Royal Cave Research Association of England, there are more than 300 large caves and small caves.


The locality has the longest underground river system.

The second common establishment record for Quang Binh is: “The locality has the longest underground river system”. And the place that contains many underground rivers of Quang Binh is also Phong Nha – Ke Bang cave, which owns the winding river system, hidden at the moment. They are the Son River, Chay River and Trooc River with a length of 20km.

The cave has the largest cave arch.

The third record for Son Doong Cave is “The cave with the largest cave”. With a length of 6.5km, width of 200m, height of more than 150m. Son Doong Cave was recognized by the Royal British Cave Association as the natural cave with the largest cave arch on April 22, 2009. In addition, some sections of cave are larger, up to 140x140m including stalactite columns up to 14m high.


Ho Chi Minh road system (including East and West branches) passes through the longest province.

The next record is for the Ho Chi Minh road. Quang Binh is one of the provinces with the road named Uncle Ho running through. And the road also brings Quang Binh another record, which is the “Ho Chi Minh road system (including East and West branches) going through the longest province” with 320km of a total length of 2,800km.

Local terrain has the narrowest width.

Quang Binh not only suffered many wars during the war but the terrain structure was also not wide open. Located in the narrowest part of Vietnam’s S-shaped strip of land with a width of only nearly 50km, Quang Binh is known as “The locality with the narrowest topography”.


Open-cast hot springs have the highest temperatures.

Record “Open-air hot spring with the highest temperature” is for Bang mineral spring. Bang mineral spring is located in Le Thuy district, 16km from Dong Hoi city. The source of natural hot spring water spans 250m from the ground, hot to 105 degrees Celsius. This is the only water source in Vietnam that has a temperature higher than the natural boiling point of water and is completely sterilized.


Three records of Paradise Cave.

Dry caves have the longest length.

Thien Duong cave belongs to Vom cave system, discovered by the Royal Caves Association in 2005, is a masterpiece of nature and is like a paradise garden with magnificent beauty, so named by explorers is the Heaven Cave. This is the longest dry cave with 31.4km, height of 60m, width inside the cave from 30-150m, some places up to 150m wide.

Long dry cave has the most unique stalactite system.

Thien Duong Cave was fortunate to be endowed with a magnificent, magnificent, multi-level stalactite system with a shimmering, fanciful beauty, formed 400 million years ago. For example, Cung Thach Hoa Vien with stalactites like Our Lady of the Virgin holding a Baby, or the Archery of the Tale of Convergence and the whole population of the Amitabha statue, Tang and Tang teachers ascending the business hall, the image of Phuc – Loc – Tho, Buddha tower …

The cave has the longest wooden bridge.

The entire system of corridor corridors in Thien Duong cave is made of Tau wood, nearly 1,000m long and 2.1m wide. The two sides are solid railing system. Along the way and the central areas are designed stops for tourists to admire. This wood design gives the cave a wild beauty yet still as dignified as the way to heaven

The longest coast and sand strip.

Not only beautiful caves, Quang Binh has extremely beautiful beaches. It is easy to understand because Quang Binh owns a record of “The longest coast and sand strip”. With one side bordering the sea and one side bordering the majestic Truong Son mountain range, Quang Binh has a sea area of ​​595km2, a coastline of 116,04km long with 39,125ha wide sand dunes, dunes high from 30-40m and towing dozens of kilometers long.

Sun Spa Resort – a resort has sea surface, the longest river surface.

“Sun Spa Resort – the tourist area with the sea and the longest river surface” is the record for Sun Spa Resort in Quang Binh. Sun Spa Resort is a luxury resort located on the poetic Bao Ninh peninsula, surrounded by the sea and the river with a length of over 5km. Sun Spa Resort is built on a 29ha land area with three sides of water, with 234 rooms (4 star international standard). Next to it is the 5-star Sun Spa Villa Resort, with 20 villa rooms and 60 bungalows and high-end, closed entertainment services. The unique architecture of the resort is characterized by Vietnamese culture.



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