Da Nhay Beach- an attractive destination of Quang Binh

Da Nhay Beach is one of the attractive places in Quang Binh which is completely free for visitors. Follow the 1A National Highway in the North of Dong Hoi city about 25km, visitors will arrive Da Nhay beach. North Quang Binh includes many attractive destinations that you can combine with Da Nhay beach to explore and experience in 1 day.

Da Nhay Beach -The beauty of nature

Da Nhay Beach in Quang Binh includes many rocky mountains, large and small stone pillars with many interesting shapes: toad shape, lying buffalo shape, “drum – roof” shape, kneeling tiger shape…

At here there is a well with a large toad-shaped rock covering its mouth, so it is called Coc well. The well is located deep inside the Toad Cave, if you want to get water, you have to move toward the “toad’s belly” to scoop water one by one. The water is very clear and clean, warm in winter, cool in summer, usually taken by fishermen to worship at Nam Hai Lord Temple near Coc well.

Đá Nhảy Beach
Da Nhay Beach.

Da Nhay Beach – the destination in Quang Binh attracts many tourists.

 When visiting Da Nhay Beach, visitors can stay at a  nearby hotel. In the summer, Da Nhay Beach is full of tourists from the North to the South, together with locals who come here after a hard working day to enjoy the cool sea breezes, watching the big ocean with soft waves constantly crashing on the white sand.

Da Nhay Beach
Check-in Da Nhay Beach.

Currently, Da Nhay Beach in Quang Binh is an interesting and free check-in destination for visitors.

And of course, if you are a photography fanatic, you have the chance to climb big rocks to create a super cool pose and get a whole set of “beautiful” photos with nature.

Check-in Da Nhay Beach

Besides, Da Nhay Beach is also chosen as one of the two main contexts of the movie “Immortals”. The natural beauty of Quang Binh is depicted vividly in the movie.

The massive rock in Da Nhay Beach.

When coming to North Quang Binh, besides Da Nhay Beach, visitors will have the opportunity to visit attractive places such as the Tomb of Vo Nguyen Giap General, Lieu Hanh Mother Temple, Ngang Pass…

Taking photo in Da Nhay Beach

Delicious seafood of Quang Binh

Fresh and live squid and fish near the shore are caught by locals to serve tourists. Visitors can order seafood in restaurants near the parking lot, lie in a hammock to sightsee the beauty of Da Nhay Beach.

Crabs in Da Nhay Beach are abundant and special with red apricot, big nipper, crab’s meat is quite fragrant and sweet.

Come to Da Nhay Beach to enjoy Fish Mushroom soup

Fish Mushroom soup in Da Nhay is a specialty in Quang Binh that you can rarely find in other localities. The fish used to cook soup often has cartilage, which is quite crispy. When the fish soup boils thoroughly, the mushrooms are added. Adding a pinch of broccoli along with a little Dong Hoi fish sauce and you will have a delicious fish mushroom soup.

You should come here in the evening or early morning to avoid the hot sun of Quang Binh.

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