Explore Dong Hoi by bike
City Tour Dong Hoi

Exploring Dong Hoi by bicycle is a new exciting experience in Quang Binh. You will visit attractive tourist sites in Dong Hoi. Located next to Nhat Le River, Dong Hoi converges with enough liberality of a piece of land near the river, close to the sea. Here, the pace of life is not too busy, the air is fresh, the roads are peaceful, shady with green trees. Dong Hoi also carries with it the traditional cultural values, the historical monuments imprinted with time. These differences have made Dong Hoi attractive in the hearts of tourists near and far.

The creation of new tourism products to attract tourists to Quang Binh in general and Dong Hoi City in particular, especially in the low season, is always sought by the provincial tourism industry as well as businesses operating in the field of tourism. tourism is very interesting, especially experience tourism. That is why the “Quang Binh bicycle tour program” visits the city. Dong Hoi is a unique product that has just been put into operation by Phong Nha Cave Tour.

City Tour Dong Hoi
City Tour Dong Hoi


Experience this new tour, with an average travel distance of 20-30km, visitors will cycle to discover all the beauty on the journey through, leisurely on the tree-lined roads, the poetic coastal road with little traffic. Along this route, visitors will learn about significant historical and cultural relics in Dong Hoi, such as: Luy Dao Duy Tu, relics of Tam Toa church, Bau Tro lake, Quang Binh Quan, Dong ancient citadel. Hoi, Quang Binh Museum, Mother Suot monument, Ho Chi Minh Square…

In addition, visitors can also have fun and experience in Quang Phu sand dunes, go to Dong Hoi market, enjoy specialties and special cuisines, eat delicious, nutritious and cheap dishes with local flavor. … Each destination is a story about culture and history, bringing different and unique perspectives on a city from ancient to modern.

Visitors can also experience the simple life of local people living along the banks of Nhat Le River. On the tree-lined streets, visitors will be greeted by the friendly, rustic locals, accessing the unique cultural features with ease-experiences not possible without going by other means.

City Tour Dong Hoi by Bike
City Tour Dong Hoi by Bike

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Many tourists said that they were very interested and surprised that the “rose city” also had many attractive and interesting destinations as well as other big cities. Tran Hoang Long, a tourist from Ho Chi Minh City shared: “I have been to Quang Binh many times on business trips and traveling with my family, but most of them come to tourist attractions in Phong Nha Nha Ke Bang. This is my first time discovering Dong Hoi city by bicycle, this is an interesting experience for me because Dong Hoi is very beautiful and attractive.

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Joining the Dong Hoi experience tour by bicycle will give visitors a more active and flexible feeling in the process of moving. Visitors can go to any place and stop to keep their memories if they encounter beautiful scenes on the side of the road.

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