Quang Binh tourism is famous for Phong Nha Ke Bang Heritage with many caves and beautiful nature. Known by many domestic and foreign tourists. The coastal system of Quang Binh is also an attractive destination for tourists to travel.

The west area of Quang Binh province with many tourism resources but not known by many people such as Chau Khe Nuoc Trong Cave Nature Reserve, Cha Loi Cave System, Nuoc Lanh streamlet. Currently, Bang Onsen Spa Resort has been put into operation as a driving force to develop tourism in the south of Quang Binh province. This is also a place that can attract visitors to experience Quang Binh in winter. Netin Co., Ltd. organizes the Famtrip program to explore the west of Quang Binh, introducing new experiences here.

Time : 11 – 13/09/2023

Number of participants : 20

Top 3 Beautiful Trekking Trails in Quang Binh

Cha Loi Cave with fascinating experiences
      Camping in the Valley of Love
Conquer Duong Cam waterfall

The 3 days 2 nights adventure itinerary with adventurous activities, suitable for Inbound travel companies, companies with solo travelers, experience and trekking.

Famtrip program 

Day 11.09: Explore the Cave of Cha Loi Evening sleeping tent in the valley of love

Day 12.09: Explore Kieu Cave, trekking along Nuoc Lanh streamlet

Camping in juggle

Day 13.09: Cross the Duong CamWaterfall

Then return to Dong Hoi.

Experiential activities require members who are healthy, have participated in trekking tours and often practiced sports. Do not suffer from cardiovascular diseases and blood pressure.

Promoting the development of community tourism for people in Bru Van Kieu

In the Famtrip program in the west of Quang Binh, Netin Travel pays in full for 3 days and 2 nights. Each participant will contribute a fund of 1,000,000 VND/1 person to raise funds for community tourism development for Bru Van Kieu relatives. The money raised as well as the travel experiences of Famtrip members will contribute ideas and use the support money to help Bru Van Kieu people develop sustainable tourism.

For registration information, please contact Ms Hieu: 0911 366 567

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