Hoanh Son Gate – the Heaven Gate in Quang Binh.

Hoanh Son Gate located in Vinh Son village, Quang Dong commune, Quang Trach district, Quang Binh province. Hoanh Son Gate is on the top of Ngang Pass, belongs to the relic – citadel architecture and also the boundary of Quang Binh province and Ha Tinh province. In 1833, Minh Menh King built Hoanh Son Gate on the top of the Ngang Pass, from here together with the Ngang Pass Hoanh Son Gate has become beautiful scenic, eloquent proof in the historic ups and downs period of the country.

Currently, Hoanh Son Quan is an attractive destination of Northern Quang Binh Tourism.


Hoanh Son Gate on the top of Ngang Pass

The history of Hoanh Son Gate

Hoanh Son is a huge mountain chain erected as a wall between Quang Binh and Ha Tinh. Then, Hoanh Son was used to be the boundary to block Han Hoa invader, and has gradually become a direct battle point to Northern feudalism.

Along with that, during 10 decades, Hoanh Son was the Dai Viet-Champa border, witnessing the battles of Dai Viet and Champa from the Tran, Ly dynasty to Ho dynasties. This place has recorded the bravery, resilience of our nation since ancient times.

Hoanh Son Gate

Besides, Hoanh Son Gate was an important base in the resistance War against American. Hoanh Son is located in a convenient location with smooth green forest covered, crossing from West to East. Thanks to that, our          Army easily made strategies and fought against the American invaders, greatly contributing to the glorious victory of our nation.BEST TIME TO VISIT QUANG BINH – CENTRAL VIET NAM

Hoanh Son Gate from the above

Ngang Pass – Hoanh Son Gate is full of potential for tourism development.

Today, Ngang Pass – Hoanh Son Gate with its poetic beauty is becoming a relic complex which is potential for cultural tourism development of Quang Binh in particular and the country in general.

Hoanh Son Quan was built with the appearance of Hue Imperial Citadel. Located in a fairyland position, if you stand at Hoanh Son Gate looking down, you will see the majestic beauty of the mountain and ocean.

The secret of Hoanh Son Gate architectural and construction techniques up to now is still great value in research, design and construction.

Hoanh Son Gate

Going through Ngang Pass is also an interesting and memorable experience for visitors. Locating on the highest peak, Hoanh Son Gate is considered the heaven Gate of Ngang Pass. Every lyrical scene mentioned in the poem will appear in your eyes so you can immerse and feel it directly.

Visitor check-in Quang Binh Gate

During the resistance War against American, Hoanh Son Gate – Ngang Pass was the fierce target of the American empire, they dropped thousands of tons of bombs to this place to prevent the North’s aid to the South. Today, Hoanh Son Gate belongs to the complex of scenic monuments including Ngang Pass, Hoanh Son Gate, Luy Hoan Vuong Cidatel, Vinh Son Temple, Hon La Island, the Lieu Hanh Holy Mother Temple, Quang Dong Beach, Vung Chua Dao Yen Island… These are great value cluster of relics which are contributing to the development of Quang Binh tourism economy.

Currently, Quang Binh Travel organizes the tour to visit Hoanh Son Gate on the top of Ngang Pass. Visitors will have about 1 day to experience scenic spots in the North of Quang Binh.


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