“ Discovering caves” in Quang Binh

From early June 2016, Quang Binh province has more two tours “discovering caves” Paradise cave  7000m – Heaven well adventure  and  the Hang Va and Nuoc Nut cave tour.

hang va
Hang Va Cave

Beutiful landscape in Hang Va cave makes tourists surprised. INTERNET PHOTOS

According to the content of the document  No. 1058 / VPUBND-VX (dated 30-5-2016), Quang Binh provincial People’s Committee agreed to allow orgnazing the Hang Va – Nuoc Nut cave tour. Hang Va and Nuoc Nut cave was early known by local peaple, but the  British Caving Association ‘s survey was conducted and published in 2000.

The tourist route “Hang Va – Nuoc Nut cave, different experiences” with 10km walking distance, including the length of wading streams  about 500m, crossing nearly 15m high wall with the support of equipment belt (harness) and rope climbing (rope).

The features of this tourist route is discovering the roof of large Nuoc Nut cave  and Hang Va ‘s stalactites. Specialy, visitors are equipped with all camping equipment  such as jackets, gloves, helmets, headlights, jungle boots,  climbing ropes, water purification equipment, tents, hammocks , sleeping bags, air mattress and emergency communications equipment according to safety standards in Europe.

Let’s admire the HANG VA _ NUOC NUT CAVE TOUR ‘s nice pictures:


The attraction of Nuoc Nut cave ‘s stalactites .INTERNET PHOTOS


The nice ceiling in Hang Va cave. INTERNET PHOTOS


The Nuoc Nut cave’s entrance is atttractive to many tourists. INTERNET PHOTOS


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