Nuoc Mooc  spring is  beautiful like  “paradise” in Quang Binh
Fairyland scenery.

Located near Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, Nuoc Mooc spring has the wonderful natural landscape with ecosystem diversity. The tourist will enjoy the fascinating experiences.


Being also a beautiful tourist attraction in Quang Binh, but Nuoc Mooc spring is widely unknown as Phong Nha – Ke Bang, Son Doong cave, or beach Nhat Le.

Mooc spring
Mooc spring

Once tourists visit this place, they are impressive by its landscape like “ fairyland”.

Cool spring water with a temperature  about 20 degrees C, Nuoc Mooc is surrounded by majestic mountains.

Nuoc Mooc springs are suitable for new experiences, especially during the hot summer days.

The beautiful natural scenery is hard to describe.

Domestic airlines have flights to Dong Hoi airport (Quang Binh) daily. It is very convenient for tourists to visit.

From Dong Hoi airport, you take a taxi to the Phong Nha (about 50 km), then the car hire Rising Water springs (about 20 km).

Suoi Nuoc Mooc is about 3 km from the Paradise cave,where tourists shouldn’t miss.

Fairyland scenery.
Fairyland scenery.

A corner of the restaurant , where visitors can relax, enjoy yourself in nature.

The bamboo bridge connects two sides of the spring making the place more romantic.

A road is made by the lime rocks.

Diverse fauna, insects with brilliant colors in Nuoc Mooc spring is attrative to tourists.

Kayaking is also a unique experience here.

In summer, Nuoc Mooc spring is cool with the temperature about 16-20 degrees C. You will have a memorable time when visiting the spring.



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