Ozo Park in Phong Nha Ke Bang

Ozo Park is a new destination for Quang Binh tourist these days. In Ozo Park, you can discover numerous exciting activities with tree games. Ozo Park is part of Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park.

Ozo Park location

About 50 km from Dong Hoi city, Quang Binh province, to Phong Nha Tourist Center, follow highway  20 – Quyet Thang for a further 5 km to Ozo Treetop Park. This place is like a foreground among the mountains and woods of Phong Nha.


Ozo park
Ozo park

What areas is Ozo Park?

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 Ozo Park Quang Binh has 2 zones among which you can choose: the upper zone of Ozo and the lower zone of Ozo.

Upper Ozo area : includes well- located cabins and beautiful views, soft streams suitable for kayaking, sup boating, and vacation activities,.

Lower Ozo area: Includes cabins up to 10m above the stream, beautiful beaches…

walk in Ozo Park
walk in Ozo Park

Types of games in Ozo Park

Overtaking ropes in the air

– Walking in circles

– Walking on cables – Walking on wooden crossbars

– Spider-Man

– Swinging in the air

– Tarzan

– Escalating in the air

– Stepping over wooden pillars

– Skateboarding in the air

– Double zipline – Zipline 300m

– Kayaking down the falls

– Paddleboards


A walk in Ozo Park

Arriving here first, we will walk through the winding wooden bridges covered by ancient canopies, breathing air from mountains and forests. Ozo stream runs into the heart of the park, making the air clear and fresh. Under the cool foliage of the forest are ecological huts for guests to rest and camp at night in nature. Coming to Ozo Park, people do not forget to challenge themselves with a series of thrilling games on the trees, On their way to Ozo Park, people don’t forget to challenge themselves with a series of exciting tree games, birding, nocturnal viewing,and learning the characteristics of some primates in the park. In addition, visitors can try their hand endurance with kayak and boat crashing on the freshwater stream flowing into Ozo Falls.

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Hammocks of bird nests hanging above the water,and bridges with unique designs are also tourist attractions at the park. The entire design of this place favors the use of rustic materials such as wood and bamboo in order not to destroy the original forest landscape,to help visitors connect with nature and plants.

Among other things, it serves attractive Vietnamese and local dishes by highly qualified chefs.

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