Phong Nha caves got into top 5 world caves.

The wanderlust travel magazine has just voted most 5 amazing caves in the world. Phong Nha Caves was also honored to be listed. Ranked 5th on the list, Phong Nha Caves was introduced as a wonderful cave with colorful stalagmites and stalactites system

The cave was located in the centre of Quang Binh province – North Central Coast of Viet Nam far from Ha Noi 500km to the South. This cave has been well-known like a Wonder and meets UNESCO’s criteria : The longest wet cave, Highest and largest entrance of the cave. The largest and most beautiful sandy-bank and reefs.The most beautiful underground lake.The most magnificent miraculous stalactites. The most beautiful underground river. Cave with high and large dry cave.


Phong Nha cave
Phong Nha cave

Son Doong Cave, the world’s largest cave in Vietnam.

To get inside 9 long caves system 44,5km, guest must pass through an underground river connecting with Son (Lipstick) river; however at the first 1,5km, guest can use hiring boat to get in. Moreover, visitors can also participate in interesting places such as climbing mountain, kayaking in march april and may. When coming here, traveler will be attracted by white butterflies. Currently, Phong Nha caves is one of the most famous destinations in Quang Binh that attracts traveler

Beside Phong Nha caves, top 5 caves that were voted by Wanderlust, there are also Waitomo, New Zealand; Limestone cave India (America); Dan-yr-Ogof (Wales); Eisriesenwelt, (Austria)./.

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