Quang Binh a paradise of unique natural experiences

Quang Binh, a province located in central Vietnam, is not only famous for its great natural beauty but also for its travel experiences unlike any other.

Visit Phong Nha Cave and Paradise Cave.

Phong Nha Cave and Paradise are two highlights in the list of world-famous caves located in Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park. Recognized by UNESCO 2 times as a world natural heritage, these two caves were created from the mysteries of rock and water over millions of years. You will enter a magical world with limestone mountains and underground river systems. This will surely awaken your curiosity and captivate you by the wild and unique beauty of these caves. These two caves are suitable for all ages to visit.

You can buy tickets by yourself or book a 1-day Phong Nha tour through travel agencies in Quang Binh.


Experience water activities at Mooc Spring, Hava Valley and Chay river – Dark cave.

Experience water activities such as bathing, playing zipline games, kayaking are many tourists choose when coming to Quang Binh. Especially in summer, visitors to spots such as Mooc stream, Hava valley and Chay Hang Dark River are very crowded. In summer, these places have beautiful jade blue water for visitors to experience.

Hava Valley

You can also enjoy attractive Quang Binh cuisine at these tourist destinations.

Quang Binh beach

Quang Binh beach is considered one of the most beautiful places with the sea in Vietnam. Not only is it an interesting destination for beach lovers but also a place where you can enjoy relaxation after stressful working hours. The smooth sand, clear blue waters and fresh air make the beach here the ideal place to swim and enjoy a good time with family and friends. Immerse yourself in the blue sea and feel the fun of swimming and walking on the sand.

Beach in Quang Binh

You can choose beautiful beaches in Quang Binh such as Nhat Le Sea, Bao Ninh Beach, Da Nhay Beach, Ngu Thuy beach … Each beach has its own beauty that you want to experience

Explore the Cha Loi Cave

Cha Loi Cave

The cave is part of the mystical underground natural world. Cha Loi Cave is a relatively new destination in the list of travel experiences in Quang Binh. You will be taken on an adventure full of wonder and mystery as you explore this cave system. This includes challenging yourself as you move through narrow and difficult systems, gazing at unique natural rock formations and stalactites. You can also swim in the cave. Cha Loi Cave is a place where you can connect with nature hidden deep underground.

For who love natural experiences join the journey to explore the Cha Loi Cave, you are equipped with specialized equipment to become an expert in exploring the Cave.


In addition, you can learn about Son Doong Cave, Hang En, Duong Cam Waterfall in Dong Chau – Nuoc Trong nature reserve, Kong sinkhole, Hung Nong cave … Every journey is a different experience.

Bang Onsen Hot Spring Experience

Bang Onsen Hot Spring is a destination to relax and regenerate the spirit in Quang Binh. Surrounded by beautiful and tranquil nature, you can enjoy relaxation in the natural hot tubs. The warm feeling of water and fresh air will make you forget all about fatigue and stress.

Relaxing in the hot water tub at Bang Onsen

You can stay at Bang Onsen Resort or just join and bathe in the hot spring. The new Bang Onsen Resort will open in August 2023.  Experience hot spring with the highest natural boiling point of 105 degrees Celsius in Vietnam.

Come to Quang Binh to experience the magic of nature book tickets and embark on a memorable journey to Quang Binh, where you will discover amazing travel experiences, enjoy unique natural experiences, and feel peace. Quang Binh with attractive tourist destinations is waiting for you to experience and explore.


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