Son Doong cave conquering tour opened on sale

The company organized tour to Son Doong, Oxalis has recently opened online booking. For the bad weather, the tour will open from January to August of 2017 for only 500 tickets booked.

Son Doong Cave

According to Oxalis, in 2016 there were over 400 tourist visited and conquered Son Doong. They also said that for those who have sought Son Doong tickets that would be for earlier come, earlier served and sastisfy phisical activities

Oxalis has organized the tour within 5 days to the cave with 10 people. The Son Doong tickets in 2017 will cost 66 million (3000 USD)The total participants including tourists, porters,cook,tourguide,twoexperts,twoforestrysurveillances around 25 people.

The tour “Son Doong cave – conquering the largest cave in the world” is one of international and domestic level tours. The cave is also considered as one of top ten amazing places in life time.
There are many famous newspapers,magazines on Earth like New York Times, Google, National Geographic, Tripadvisor popularing and introducing the its values.
Especially, in 2015, the programme of the United States “ABC’s “Good Morning America” broadcasted live stream on their official channel.

The Son Doong cave is over 200 metres wide and 150 metres within 9km long. Tourist might be blowing away when knowing that the cave can be fit a 40-storey skyscaper inside and 3-Boeing airplanes. The cave was recognized as the largest cave on Earth by the British Cave Research Association.

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