The Quang Binh Tourism Department said that they would combine daily tours to the caves: Tu Lan, Paradise, Phong Nha – Ke Bang, Chay river – Dark Cave … with the film studio- “Kong: Skull Island “. The new tours will make visitors feel different, attractive.

The Yen Phu lake, where the Kong filmed

Yen Phu is a peaceful village, with green fields, majestic natural scenery.

When making the film at Yen Phu lake, the film needs more 30 cars to build the camp on a large area. When the crew left, the place was clean and there was no garbage.

Hang Chuoc is located in Tan Hoa Commune, Minh Hoa District, which was chosen as the cave of “Kong: Skull Island”. The cave is 500 m wide and deep, with many stalagmites and stalactites.

Cha Noi valley on Da Deo Pass is a majestic destination chosen for the monumental film sceneries of King Kong.

Da Deo Pass belongs to the Phong Nha – Ke Bang,  the Unesco World Natural Heritage site with the mountains. Under the pass is Cha Noi valley with wild landscape of rivers and streams, surrounded by imposing rocky mountains with fanciful clouds.

 To promote tourists to visit Quang Binh and enjoy the natural film studio  – “Kong: Skull Island”, the Quang Binh government will open more flights such as: Dong Hoi – Chiang Mai (Thailand); Dong Hoi – Cat Bi – Hai Phong and increase the flights of Dong Hoi-Hanoi; Dong Hoi – Ho Chi Minh City.

Currently NETIN has contacted investors in the province to build King Kong film tour following the route: Paradise cave – Da Deo pass – Yen Phu lake – Minh Hoa – Hang Chuot (Chuot cave). The tour program one day : exploring the film backstage and visiting Paradise Cave, one of the beautiful caves in Viet Nam.

If you want to travel to Quang Binh, you should take a look  ,A Tourist Guide to Quang Binh

Mr. Ho An Phong, the director of the Quang Binh Tourism Department said: “After Kong: Skull Island was showed, the beauty of Quang Binh was known to the public all over the world and it would surely attract to visitors  to Quang Binh. We combined with tour products around the studio, such as Tu Lan Cave, the experience of the Kong’s home to give visitors a new experience.”

If you like adventure travel, the Chay River – Dark Cave (located in the Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park ) suitable destination to explore and experience.

Chay River is famous for green water. The river is more beautiful with woods and the imposing limestone cliff. Coming here, tourists like feeling adventurous can jump down the zipline (a form of swing) to drop into the cool waters, participate in water games or kayaking to admire the romantic scenery.

Boating on the Chay River about 5 kilometers, you will reach the Dark cave. The stalactites in this cave makes tourists impressive. Because of Located on the Chay River. So the cave has high humidity and its stalactites is covered with a large amount of moss creating a subtle blue. Entering the cave, darkness around the corner  making tourists’s experience more interesting.


You will experience the feeling of adventure when ziplining to Dark cave.

When discovering the Dark cave, you should be equipped headed flashlights to watch the stalactites in the cave, fossils of insects and molluscs clinging on limestone cliffs. It takes you about 1 km  to see a narrow slit winding muddy cave. Here, you will experience the interesting feeling when sliding down the slope with thick sludge rock (such as children’s slides), and then drop into a deep hole with slush for a relaxing soak . The mud in cave is very pure and beneficial to health because the underground river inside cave flows into the Chay River brought a huge amount of mud, to be purified by erosion and limestone blocks.

To enter the cave, you can swim or kayak.

According to the guide of NETIN TRAVEL, journey to conquer the Chay River – Dark cave is for people who have good health to discover the wonder of nature. However, if you do not want to participate in adventure activities, you still can have fun at the Chay River area, outside the Dark cave with fun sports activities underwater.


Moving in the shadows in the cave gives tourists a feeling of adventure.

If you don’t have experience in traveling by yourself, to ensure safety, you should book the tour.

Dark cave – Zipline – Paradise cave