Đồng Hới is the capital city of Quang Binh Province in the north central coast of Vietnam. The citys area is 155.71 km2. The city is a major train stop on the North-South railway, it’s on arterial Highway 1A and it has an airport. So if you’re short on time, Phong Nha Cave, Paradise Cave and the Dark Cave are an easy day trip from Dong Hoi. All hotels and hostels here offer some sort of transport or tour.

Here are 5 things to do in Dong Hoi:

1# Sand boarding in Quang Phu sand dunes

For Nhat Le Beach, head north on Nguyen Du Street, which turns into Truong Phap Street. Follow the coast for four kilometres. Here you can find a couple of chilled out beachside budget spots to stay; you’ll probably find yourself staying longer than you planned. Head north a further three kilometres for some sand dunes.

“Miss Grand International 2017” – at The Quang Phu sand Dunes

Sand boarding is an activity you shouldn’t miss

2# Exploring the beach

Aside from the caves, Dong Hoi has enough to hold your interest for a day, or even more during the summer months of April to October, when you can enjoy miles of beaches. To encourage tourism growth, the provincial government is offering a cash incentive per bed to new hotel developments.


The wild beauty of the Nhat Le beach is also its attraction 

Sunset in Nhat Le beach is romantic

3# Tasting Traditional food

In Dong Hoi, there are many food you should try: banh khoai (fried rice cake), banh beo (small steamed rice cake), bun thit nuong (traditional grilled pork recipe served with Vietnamese sticky rice noodle), Bun dau, spring roll…

Bun Dau Mam Tom

Spring roll

4# Visiting Paradise cave

If you only have time to visit one cave, then Thien Duong Cave will be the one. The cave was formed around 400 million years ago, surrounded by underground rivers and rocky mountains and it is still active. Some of the most spectacular rock formation with gargantuan stalactites and stalagmites almost 60-meter high are found inside this cave. A tour guide will lead you through a 1.1km path to marvel the formations while you start losing sense of time and space inside the cave.

Miss Grand International 2016 at Paradise cave

5# Booking tours with Netin Travel

NETIN Travel Company strives to create an everlasting experience for travelers with a team of dynamic and enthusiastic employees. This team of passionate local people is here to help answer all questions from concerns of customers, information on culture, history and whatever else you throw at them…

Here are some tours from Dong Hoi you shouldn’t miss:

Phong Nha cave – Paradise cave

Paradise cave – Dark cave

Paradise cave – The tomb of the Giap General

We are two passionate travelers in Southeast Asia always trying to discover new beautiful places . On 21st May this year we organized with the travel agency Netin Travel in Dong Hoi – Quang Binh a trip along the river to the Tam Lu waterfalls . The pick up service arrived on time in the morning at our hotel with a comfortable van and we were accompanied by guides who made our trip absolutely enjoyable and fun . After just 20 km we reached the bank of the river where a steel boat was waiting for us with his captain on board.

Tourists on way to Tam lu waterfall

we boarded and we finally started sailing along the river to what it would have taken a unique and unforgettable experience .

Tam lu waterfall


Try to imagine an absolutely pristine landscape of lush shores and mountains covered by a bright green vegetation and you will understand what we are talking about.

The natural beauty of this stretch of the river is absolutely breathtaking . Rarely seen houses of fishermen along the shore as well as boats that slowly move on the surface of the river hopeful directed towards the hoped-for daily fishing. Curious glances of locals accompany us during our journey.

Tam lu waterfall

In the final stretch of our trip an impressive karst mountains’ path protect from wind the calm waters of the river and after about two hours of great naturalistic observation we arrive the most exciting section of the navigation.

Now we can understand why the hull of the boat is made of steel ; literally we begin to ride the shallow waters where rounded rocks outcrop from the surface . you can hear the rocks groped to bite the hull but the boat comes out  absolutely winner in this competition, ride the surface and after the last climb in front of our eyes the spectacular stretch of Tam Lu waterfalls . The beauty of these waters spilling greets us in showers is astonishing.The boat gains inexorably on the wave of the water’s foam and finally draw near to the shore , stopping in the  green area that will become our picnic zone.

The Netin travel ‘s guides have really thought of everything : a delicious lunch awaits us. prepare even a campfire to roast two chickens served with rice and cold local beers.  We spend a couple more hours of delighting great food surrounded by an untouched nature. Would never have thought to be exclusive guests of such a beautiful place.

But like all dreams, even the most beautiful are intended to end because it ‘ s time to go home . We return to the boat and back to the minivan sliding gently on the water .

We will always remember this experience as unique and exclusive as only a natural uncontaminated place can give.We can’t wait to showing the photos to our friends and to advise them to embark on the same adventure .

Mirko and Suna