The wanderlust travel magazine has just voted most 5 amazing caves in the world. Phong Nha Caves was also honored to be listed.
Ranked 5th on the list, Phong Nha Caves was introduced as a wonderful cave with colorful stalagmites and stalactites system

The cave was located in the centre of Quang Binh province – North Central Coast of Viet Nam far from Ha Noi 500km to the South.
This cave has been well-known like a Wonder and meets UNESCO’s criteria : The longest wet cave, Highest and largest entrance of the cave.
The largest and most beautiful sandy-bank and reefs.The most beautiful underground lake.The most magnificent miraculous stalactites.
The most beautiful underground river. Cave with high and large dry cave.

Phong Nha cave
Phong Nha cave

To get inside 9 long caves system 44,5km, guest must pass through an underground river connecting with Son (Lipstick) river; however at the first 1,5km, guest
can use hiring boat to get in. Moreover, visitors can also participate in interesting places such as climbing mountain, kayaking in march april and may.
When coming here, traveler will be attracted by white butterflies. Currently, Phong Nha caves is one of the most famous destinations in Quang Binh that attracts traveler

Beside Phong Nha caves, top 5 caves that were voted by Wanderlust, there are also Waitomo, New Zealand; Limestone cave India (America); Dan-yr-Ogof (Wales); Eisriesenwelt, (Austria)./.

Phong Nha cave, from which the name to the whole system and the park is derived, is famous for its rock formations which have been given names such as the “Lion”, the “Fairy Caves”, the “Royal Court”, and the “Buddha”. Phong Nha cave is 7729 m long but tourists can only penetrate to a distance of 1500 m.and contains several grottoes or chamber, including the Bi Ky grottoes.

Its cave system features underground passageways and river caves filled with stalactites and stalagmites. The stalagmites that used to stand at the cave’s entrance apparently inspired its name: Phong Nha means ‘Wind and Teeth’.

Phong Nha is famous for its rock formation that bear intriguing names such as the ‘Lion’, ‘Unicorn’, ‘Kneeling elephant’ and ‘the Buddha’. After flowing about 19 km underground, the Son river emerges from the mouth of this cave, draining a huge area of the limestone mountains around Phong Nha.

Phong Nha has been voted as one of the most wonderful caves in the world for a number of reasons: for its longest underground river, for its most beautiful underground lake. for its highest and widest entrance, for its most beautiful and widest dry cave, for its most beautiful sandbank and reef, as well as for its most spectacular stalactites, stalagmites and longest water grottos.

Tourist route discovery of Sinh Ton (Survival) Valley and Hang Thuy Cung (Aquarium palace cave) has a total length of 9 km (4.5 km for exit and 4.5 km for entry). Travelers will be taken to the start point at the Km15 or Km18 on West branch of the Ho Chi Minh road, the Survival valley of 2,000 ha width, surrounded by huge limestone mountains and the vast primeval forests, caves in the middle of the Aquarium with watercolor blue, cool, create a beautiful scenery to fascinating people. The Survival valley is more attractive because there is plenty of oil otter populations endemic trees, patches of paintings untouched, many plant species richness. It is an opportunity for visitors to gain a better understanding of the value of forest biodiversity World Natural Heritage National Park Phong Nha – Ke Bang.

After experiencing at the Survival valley by flashlight, visitors will continue to explore the 600m depths of Hang Nuoc Lan (Water Diving cave) – the backdoor of Hang Toi (the Dark Cave) and Hang Thuy Cung (Aquarium palace cave) with exotic color of blue water. Here, travelers will explore the mysterious Aquarium palace cave which is located in the heart of the limestone between the jungles.

This new route will be a mysterious and ideal destination of world natural heritage site – Phong Nha – Ke Bang national park for people who like discovering the nature.

The Sinh Ton (Survival) Valley

surrounded by huge limestone mountains

Hang Thuy Cung (Aquarium palace cave)


Inside the Hang Thuy Cung (Aquarium palace cave)