Duong Cam waterfall

The jouney to conquer Duong Cam Waterfall – Dong Chau Nature Reserve – Khe Nuoc Trong is one day adventure tour. It includes: Overcoming the Duong Cam waterfall with a height of 100 meters, challenging yourself by jungle trekking over 400 meters in altitude difference under Jungle of Western Truong Son, along streams conquering large and small waterfall in the deep jungle.

First destination of the journey Toc Tien water fall.

The surrounding jungle is home to a variety of flora and fauna, making it an excellent spot for nature enthusiasts. The trek to the waterfalls is not too strenuous but does require a bit of agility and perseverance.

Trekking routes in Quang Binh attract tourists
Trekking routes in Quang Binh attract tourists

With the strong water flow pouring down from above, creating a breathtaking and wonderful scene that makes tourists fall in love at first sight. Standing in front of this waterfall, you will suddenly feel small facing Mother Nature.

Swing over the waterfall more than 100 meters, the first time in Quang Binh.

Overall, Duong Cam waterfalls are a must-visit spot in Quang Binh for those who love to connect with nature and enjoy a bit of adventure. The waterfalls are truly a hidden gem and offer a unique experience that cannot be found elsewhere.

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