Top 3 Beautiful Trekking Trails in Quang Binh
Trekking routes in Quang Binh attract tourists

If you like to conquer the challenges of nature, the Quang Binh trekking route is considered the perfect choice. This place has a mysterious unspoiled beauty that captivates people. To fully explore the most beautiful Quang Binh backpacking routes, please refer to the article below with Phong Nha Cave.

Where is Quang Binh Viet Nam?

Quang Binh is known as a land full of tourism potential in the Central Coast region in Vietnam. Although, the area of Quang Binh province is not large, but this place is considered a tourist paradise, when converging all the landscapes with wild nature from caves, forests, seas and natural landscapes. Besides, Quang Binh is also considered a crossroads of cultures, and has a characteristic of the North Central region. Explaining that Trekking Quang Binh has become the choice of many tourists Trekking is one of the new types of experience tourism in Vietnam. Although it has only developed in recent years, Trekking is considered the type with the most potential for development in Vietnam.

Trekking routes in Quang Binh attract tourists
Trekking routes in Quang Binh attract tourists

Here are some reasons why Quang Binh trekking has become the choice of many tourists:

Special attraction from Quang Binh Trekking roads The terrain of Quang Binh is mostly in remote hilly areas. The soul of trekking is the deep forest roads, the rugged cliffs, the fresh air that brings cool breezes with the scent of earth, waterfalls and streams, or simply the small creatures hiding under the trees. These beauties will bring unforgettable experiences and fuel your passion for discovery within you.

Experiences on Trekking routes
Experiences on Trekking routes

Pushing your limits with Trekking is a great activity that will help you get out of your comfort zone. Because to be able to complete the trip, you have to overcome difficult and dangerous terrain with your own feet and efforts. Besides, you will also experience living in simple living conditions, without wifi / network to use your phone. These things will bring you precious moments, and above all, you have been brave when you dare to conquer difficult roads that not everyone dares to do.

The weather and climate are also a factor to keep in mind in these trekking transitions. To ensure the safest trekking, you should choose the time period in the dry season to make the trip. The most ideal time to go on a Quang Binh trekking trip is around 2 to 8 months. At this time, it will not rain too much and will not be too hot, making trekking activities more convenient and safer. However, trekking in the rain is also interesting.

If you are interested in Quang Binh, please contact the travel agency here to guide you.

Safe Trekking routes in Quang Binh

Trekking En Cave

Hang Hang En Cave Road is ranked as the 3rd largest natural cave in the world, and is located in the central area in Phong Nha – Kẽ Bang National Park. In 1994, En Cave was discovered and it quickly became an impressive destination around the world. To reach Hang En, you have to cross the primeval forest, cross the limestone slopes, and follow streams large and small. Here, you will constantly see the sight of flying moon butterflies, and watch the majestic and mysterious natural landscape right in front of your eyes.

Trekking hang En Cave Quang Binh
Trekking hang En Cave Quang Binh

Besides, you will also experience the feeling of camping and immersing yourself along with the natural pool in the top of the largest caves in the world. According to the Hang En trekking tour information provided by travel agencies, the operation schedule of Hang En tour will be from mid-December to mid-September every year. Hang En trekking time will be 2 days with a route of about 22km of forest and mountain roads, 3km of cave exploration and 450m of steep climbing. The reference price of Hang En trekking tour is from 7-8 million / person.

Why Son Doong cave tour priced at $3,000 a person?

Trekking Cha Loi Cave

Cha Loi Hang Cha Loi Road is considered a large cave in the south of Quang Binh province. Cha Loi Cave system with cave paths and trekking routes does not repeat during the journey. This is the most prominent feature in the Cha Loi cave.

Cha Loi Explorer
Cha Loi Explorer

The trekking journey to conquer Cha Loi cave will take you to many experiences: Trekking 4km in the cave, visiting the village of Bru Van Kieu, and trekking between the mountains and forests of Truong Son and The Cold Water Gap. Here, you will have the opportunity to climb through the block rocks and see the green vegetation living inside the cave. Not only that, but you also experience swimming through the underground river and watching other beautiful water caves. According to the information provided by the companies, the operation schedule of Cha Loi tour will be from mid-November to mid-September every year. The duration of the Cha Loi cave trekking tour is flexible from 1 day to 3 days, with different levels of challenges, making it easy to choose the tour that suits your health. The travel route will be from 8 to 18 km through the forest, 4 km of cave exploration, and the altitude ranges from . Reference tour price from 1,650,000 – 6 million VND/person.

Duong Cam Waterfall Conquest

Duong Cam Waterfall Conquest Road Speaking of Quang Binh trekking routes, it is impossible not to mention the trekking route to conquer Piano Waterfall at Dong Chau Khe Nuoc Trong nature reserve. Guests with other trekking tours in Quang Binh are associated with the cave. The trekking route to conquer Duong Cam Waterfall is an experience of primeval forest and majestic waterfalls. Chau Khe Nuoc Trong Cave is located in the high mountains and has a characteristic green color of tropical forests.

Duong Cam Waterfall
Duong Cam Waterfall

These blue colors have made the Conquest of Duong Cam Waterfall trekking route a peaceful, deep but equally majestic picture. When choosing a tour of Duong Cam waterfall, you will have the experience of being immersed in nature such as forest ice, overnight camping next to the waterfall. According to the information of the trekking tour to explore Duong Cam Waterfall provided by the companies, the operation schedule of the Cave Chau Khe Nuoc Trong tour will be from November to mid-October every year. The duration of the tour is flexible from 1 to 3 days with many different levels of adventure. The journey will be from 8 to 22km across the forest. In particular, if you choose a trekking tour to explore Duong Cam Waterfall, you will experience the first waterfall of Quang Binh.

What rules do you need to know about trekking Quang Binh?

When trekking Quang Binh, you must pay attention to the following important rules: Do not touch or climb on stalactites without the permission of the guide.

Be conscious of protecting the environment, preserving the pristine beauty of the forest, do not break trees or poke out natural creatures here. Do not smoke or use fire indiscriminately, as during the dry seasons it can cause wildfires. After each rest stop, you must clean up the waste, avoid unsanitary environment. Absolutely do not separate the group without the permission of the guide.

Trekking Quang Binh needs to prepare what health training The journey of trekking Quang Binh will become meaningless if you do not have a good health. To cross forests, wade through streams, cross limestone slopes, you need to prepare yourself with good physical strength and a steel spirit to overcome the challenges of nature. The form of health training is very simple, you only need to practice two sports: jogging and running up and down the stairs about three weeks before the trip. So you have a good team to be ready to conquer the challenges during the trip.

Camping in Tour Cha Loi 2 day 1 night
Camping in Tour Cha Loi 2 day 1 night

Backpack When choosing to buy a specialized backpack for Quang Binh trekking, you should choose backpacks with waterproof fabric, with a fastener fixed in front of the chest to avoid cases where the backpack is not fixed, creating more pressure on the back. Depending on the length of the trekking tour, you can choose for yourself a backpack with a capacity of 5kg to 15kg. The tip is that you should choose backpacks with large straps, as they will not make you walk with shoulder pain and create a sense of comfort during the move.

The peculiarity of Quang Binh trekking tours is that they have to walk continuously through streams and swim in caves, so choosing clothes with good sweat-absorbing fabrics is extremely necessary. Specifically, you should choose comfortable loose clothes for the morning and long closed clothes in the evening. In addition, you need to prepare additional accessories such as thick socks, cast iron hands to be able to keep yourself warmer in the evening.

Tour Phong Nha Ke Bang 3 days 2 nights

Treking shoes

Walking too much will probably cause your feet to swell, and aches and pains that will slow down travel times. Therefore, choosing a suitable trekking shoe will help you experience the journey to the fullest. To choose the right shoes for the trip, you need to ask the consultants to see how the terrain you will trek before choosing. For trekking routes that need to cross the stream, you should choose shoes with waterproof, anti-slip features to ensure safety during the move. As for roads with complex terrain, many cliffs, you need to choose shoes with high necks, to avoid injuries to the feet and ankles. Finally, before participating in the Quang Binh trekking journey, you need to get used to and practice adapting to something, which will make you more comfortable when starting.

Medical supplies

In the process of trekking Quang Binh, you will go through tropical forests and caves. This place has humid air and many types of insects, so you should prepare medical drugs such as insect repellents, fever medicines, effervescent tablets C. In particular, you also need to prepare more diarrhea medicines to be used in case of need. Although the guides have also equipped the necessary medical supplies during the trek of Quang Binh, you also need to prepare your own medical equipment such as cotton bandages and red medicine. In addition, you also need to bring sunscreen, moisturizer so that you can use them when needed.

Dry food

To avoid losing strength in the middle of the road, you need to prepare dry foods such as canned food, bread, nutrition bars to be able to recharge more energy to complete the trip well. The tip for you is to prepare some sweet foods in your pants or pockets so that you can eat as soon as you need them, because you will be very likely to get hypoglycemia during the move. Besides, it is best to prepare moderate water bottles on your backpack so that you can quickly drink when thirsty.

Come to Quang Binh to experience the roads

The trekking routes of Quang Binh are sometimes very hard but also filled with unexpected delights from the creations of nature. Hope the article on Quang Binh Travel has provided you with useful information. Wish you have a trekking trip with many memorable experiences.



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