Conque Duong Cam Waterfall- Dong Chau Nature Reserve- Khe Nuoc Trong is one day adventure tour.  It includes: Canyoning the Duong Cam waterfall with a height of 100 meters, trekking with slope over 400 meters under Jungle of Western Truong Son. Trekking along streams and conquering large and small waterfalls in the deep forest. The journey will take you to discover wild beauty of the southwestern of Quang Binh province. There is Nature Reserve Area : Dong Chau – Khe Nuoc Trong.  This place put on the Quang Binh tourist map by Netin company the first. Trekking under the canopy of the jungle, the majestic green color of the scenery and almost intact has not been affected by external factors, with the stage of organization and setup with a harmonious route and professional service team will bring you unforgettable experiences.

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Basic information

– Time: 1 day

– Tour schedule: everyday

– Adventure level: difficult enough, request good physical strength and have took part in some hight activities.

– Number of guests per tour: maximum 12 people, over 12 ages.

– Distance: trekking in the jungle and conquering streams and waterfalls 7km, 100 meters cayoning waterfall, trekking altitude difference  400 meters in jungle.

– Tour type: daily tour and private tour.

– Because it is an adventure tour, the first important factor is safety.

With a team of professional service staff and supported by safety experts, experienced adventure guides.

European standard equipment tested and recommended by experts in the field of adventure tours: hats, gloves, straps, and canyoning equipment…

DEPARTURE TIME Pickup time from 8h00 – 8h 30 am from your stay (hotel/ train station/ airport/… at Dong Hoi city), 7h00 – 7h30 am at Phong Nha town
  • Vehicles meet good standards, pick up points in the city area of Dong Hoi (if you are far away, you can contact us in advance for the best support)
  • Full meals: breakfast, lunch( If you have a special request for food, you should contact us early to have a more attentive service).There is also coffee and snack on the way and campsite.
  • Equipments: helmets, gloves, protective equipment, belts, seat belts, plastic sandal( size from 35 to 42)
  • Professional guide and Safety experts and assistants, medical staff, posters, chef.
  • Eco-friendly and safe toilet with seat at the campsite
  • Basic first aid and first aid drugs. environmentally friendly and safe toilets at the campsite.
  • Places to keep important things and luggage you do not bring on the tour.
  • You need to prepare:
  • 1 set of quick – dry long sleeve shirt
  • a set of clothes, towels to change after the tour.
  • 1 pair of good quality climbing shoes or sandals(You should not use waterproof shoes because water cannot drain easily causing unsafety and discomfort during trekking)
  • 1 pair of long and thick socks
  • Oral rehydration tablets (electrolytes) and necessary personal medications.
  • Personal items: mosquito repellent spray, insect repellent, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, camera( Gopro)
  • Waterproof bag, swimming suite…


Valued-added tax
Other fees out of programmeGuide Gratuity

8:00 a.m: Netin’s car and guide pick up you from your hotel, train station or airport. The journey will go through the East Ho Chi Minh road. On the way, the guide will introduce the places, history and guide some rules and tour programs.

9:00 a.m: You go to the Management Station, Cau Khi forest protection, prepare your luggage to experience and conquer the Toc Tien waterfall. You will not have phone signal and amenities. You just have to live with nature and challenge yourself. You start walking, going downhill on Ho Chi Minh road with a slope of 50 – 70 degrees, the height difference is up to 400 meters. You will see the wild beauty of Chau Cave, Khe Nuoc Trong, enjoy the fresh air here. Checkin and take photos in Toc Tien Waterfall.

12:00 a.m: Having a snack and taking a rest before conquering the Duong Cam waterfall challenge with a height of 100 meters On the journey to the Duong Cam waterfall, you will go through many exciting experiences. Coming to the waterfall, you will over the waterfall is a unique and first experience in Quang Binh You will be provided with protective equipments, ropes and safety belts to conquer the Duong Cam waterfall.

2:45 p.m: Trekking in the forest with the slope going down from 50 to 70 degrees.
3:00 p.m: Moving to the campsite to shower, enjoy a cool beer. You get your things back and admire the beauty of the vast forests of the Western Truong Son before returning to the city.
4:30 p.m: At the end of the program, the company takes you back to your hotel/ train station/ airport.
See you again with new challenges

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