Dark cave, Paradise Cave, Phong Nha Cave
10/10, 5/10, Dark cave requirement : High “1m4”, Weight : over 45 kg

Next to Phong Nha, Dark Cave is the most popular tourism site in the area. It was first discovered in 1990 and opened up not long after that. The Dark Cave is the smaller version of the Son Doong Cave. The reason for the name is that there is no artificial light installed inside the cave and with its total length of 6 kilometers it’s nothing but darkness! Moreover, the rocks inside the cave are dark, some gray some black.

Dark cave
Dark cave – Chay river

With this tour, you will have new experiences: ziplining, rowing the kayak. Moreover, the cave is home to many lakes, with a water temperature of about 18 degrees.  Inside the cave there are many unique things to see and experience! There is a natural mud bath at the end of one of the narrow passages and there are many ancient fossils to be found. The fossils are over a  million years old! The natural mud bath is very good for the skin, and compared to a mud-bath in a spa this is just a fraction of the price.

Paradise cave or (Hang Thien Duong) was found by a local man named “Ho Khanh in 2005”. The cave was researched by British Cave Research Association with total length of 31,4km and was considered as the longest dry cave in Asia. The cave has been formed over 300 million of years based on scientist’s prediction with wonderful formations. It looks like a secret city hidden underground and is attractive to visitors. You can go further 7000 m to enjoy the secrets inside the cave (paradise-cave-7000m-adventure)

Paradise cave (Hang Thien Duong) – Photo source : Internet

DEPARTURE TIME Pickup time from 8h00 – 8h30 am from your the hotel/ train station, airport…at Dong Hoi city (or Phong Nha about 9h00 – 9h30 am)
Dark cave ticket and Paradise ticket
Caving equipment


Valued-added tax
Other fees out of programme

Guide Gratuity

Additional information

LocationDong Hoi, Phong Nha
Duration8 hours
MonthApril, August, December, February, January, July, June, March, May, November, October, September

8.00 AM – 8.30 AM: Pickup & Transportation

  • The car and the guide will pick you up at the hotel/ train station/ airport … at Dong Hoi city ( or Phong Nha town about 9.00 – 9.30 am)
  • 70km from Dong Hoi to Paradise cave
  • Move on the Ho Chi Minh Trail and know more about Vietnam History

10.00 AM – 11.30 AM: Walk and Enjoy Paradise cave

Before getting inside the cave, visitors have to :

  • Use a buggy to finish 1,6 km
  • Walk up 570 metres
  • Relax on resting site

Visit Paradise cave – a very wonderful cave located inside the core zone of Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park. It was considered as the longest dry cave in Asia with total length of 31,4 km researched by British Cave Research Association. The magnificent stalactite and stalagmite when visiting 1 km inside the cave..


12.00 PM: Time for Lunch

  • Return to the restaurant about 5km
  • Have lunch with Local food
  • Take a rest

1h30 PM: Enjoy dark cave

  • Carefully prepared
  • Caving equipment provided (Ziplining belt, helmet & headlight, life jacket)
  • Follow regulations and interpretation guide

Activities in Dark cave tourism site.

  • Adventuring Zlipline (370m to dark cave).
  • Having mud bath.
  • Walking inside the cave
  • Swimming & Kayaking
  • Having bath on Chay River

Tip : To take photo inside the cave, you can prepare a small water resistance bag to keep your camera or cellphone.


4h30 PM: Return

  • 65km from Dark cave tourism site to Dong Hoi city
  • Take a rest
  • Tour finishes and See you again !

Zipline Chay River

Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 5 reviews
December 22, 2015

We booked this tour from 2nd Nov until they got us to the caves. It was amazing with views and cave systems. Especially, dark cave is really adventurous for us and for those who want to have thrilling feeling with zipline, mud bath, kayaking. Just a small problem here is that the water is very cold in this season from Sept – Dec.

December 4, 2016

“Paradise & Dark Caves”
Our guide on this cave tour (Tom) was great. He met us promptly at the arranged meeting time at our hotel and then provided a lot of interesting info during the tour and just the right amount of jokes too.
He joined right in and made sure we didn’t miss anything during the mud pool, zipline, and kayak portion.

Great time.

December 23, 2016

“Fantastic Phong Nha caves tour”

We did two days one night tour with Netin Travel to discover Eight-Lady cave, an unbelievable story about the Vietnam war, Paradise cave, Dark cave and Phong Nha cave. Each cave has its own beauty and all of them are amazing! Our tour guide Tom is very friendly and knowledgeable. He speaks excellent English and told us every little thing about the cave and the area. You should book tour from Tom’s company then enjoy your trip!
Đã đến thăm Tháng 12 2016

December 12, 2022

The tour very well organized. The bus was comfortable and our tour guide Binh was really nice and helpful. She provided a lot of information about the caves and Vietnam. We were a mixed group of Vietnamese and foreigners. Would love to do the tour again with this agency. Good job!

October 27, 2023

The paradise cave actually a paradise , it’s a really great wonder of nature also the dark cave is really adventurous, Swimming through water and mud + taking a mud bath in the dark. The service is very nice, the guide speaks fluent English and is very cooperative. Both caves are worth visiting.

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