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Paradise Cave, Phong Nha Ke Bang
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Paradise cave or knows as (Hang Thien Duong) was found by a local man named “Ho Khanh in 2005”. The cave was researched by British Cave Research Association with total length of 31,4km and was considered as the dried-longest cave in Asia. The cave has been form over 300 million of years based on scientist’s prediction with wonderful formations. It looks like a secret city hidden underground and is attractive to visitors. You can go further 4,5km to enjoy the secrets inside the cave.

After relaxing, breathing and enjoying the fresh wind from the cave, you will change clothes, take special equipments and keep moving along the wooden staircase to see the first killometer of Paradise Cave. Relaxing mat and light system are installed well, you can sastify to admire fantastic of stalactites and stalagmites.

Finishing the First KM along the wooden staircase with tour guide’s help, you will keep moving inside the cave to discover the mysteries with your own headlight.

Passing a lot of obstacles and challenges, you yourself will see colorful and shapely system of stalactites and stalacmites.

Paradise cave 1,2 km


DEPARTURE TIME Pickup time from 8h00 am to 8h15 am from your stay (hotel, train station, airport)
Special Ticket
 Buggy car
Valued-added tax
Other fees out of programme

Guide Gratuity


Additional information

LocationDong Hoi, Paradise cave
Duration7 hours
MonthApril, August, December, February, January, July, June, March, May, November, October, September

8.00 AM – 8.15 AM: Pickup & Transportation

  • Car and guide will get to your stay (hotel, train station, airport…)
  • 70km from Dong Hoi to Paradise cave
  • Move on Ho Chi Minh Trail and Understand about Vietnam History

10.00 AM – 10.45 AM: Walk and Enjoy Paradise cave for first 1km

Before getting inside the cave, visitors have to :

  • Use buggy car to finish 1,6 km
  • Walk up 570 metres
  • 1km on wooden bridge
  • Relax on resting site
  • Carefully prepare caving equipment (Head-light, caving sandals…)

11h00 AM - 1h10 PM : Discover 6km inside

  • Get inside more 6km
  • Amazing views
  • Narrow spaces and Big spaces
  • Hole connecting outside

Passing a lot of obstacles and challenges, you yourself will see colorful and shapely system of stalactites and stalacmites.

Beside, livings in the cave will also surprise you a lot.It is unbelievable that the creatures here can lives and grow variously despite being short of light.

You can see many kinds of green mosses and the seeds growing inside the cave. Especially, you can observe fish, bats in the depth…

After passing 4 km from the cave’s entry, experienced guys will take you to move 3 km more inside Paradise Cave.

On the next way, you will have a good chance to try your bravery by passing dangerous and precarious paths along shallow stream.Experiencing feeling nervous when passing underground River or climbing vertical cliffs with rope.

Enjoying the victory after conquering the impressive nature! Standing in front of Paradise Crack Vertical (Paradise Well) – where Paradise Cave see the outside world through a hole on the cave’s ceiling – you will recognize a friendly nature always contains interesting and secret things.

You can also have a bath into the clean and cool water or having a look at playing fish in the underground river flow through the Paradise Well. Then, you have a rest and having lunch, take a nice photographys with your friends and family and preparing to return for ending the tour!.


1.20 PM - 2.00 PM: Time for Lunch

  • Have lunch inside the cave
  • Take a rest
  • Get prepared to return

2h00 PM - 4h00 PM : Return

  • 6km back following the path and 1km on wooden bridge to the entrance
  • 70km to Dong Hoi
  • Tour ends
  • Good luck and see you again !

Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 3 reviews
January 23, 2016

“You must do this !!!!!”
This is something you must do. We did the Dong Thien duong 7 km walking tour, one of the highlight of this year’s trip. You need to book in advance if you want to do the 7 KM (each way) as it requires a guide, it is pitch black and huge. You can do the first 1 KM that is all light up but you will miss the main attraction if you don’t do the 7KM.
Visited April 2015

January 23, 2016

“Sightseeing Caves” – Paradise cave 7000m
The cave was awesome to see the guide was helpful and alwats keeping us up to date, only draw back R/T with van was long ‘ it’s half the trip but worth it…….
Visited April 2015

November 28, 2016

“Mạo hiểm Động Thiên đường 7000m”
Sau khi vượt 1 km đầu tiên của Động Thiên Đường như mọi du khách khác, chúng tôi bắt gặp những khối thạch nhũ cao lớn lấp lánh như kim cương; những cột nhũ có màu trắng tinh khiết tựa đá cẩm thạch. Càng đi sâu vào bên trong cảnh sắc càng lộng lẫy, tráng lệ, các khối thạch nhũ càng đa dạng và độc đáo, những măng đá, vú đá đa dạng màu sắc: màu trắng, màu đen, màu đồng, màu nâu …chỉ có thể nhận xét một cách ngắn gọn là trên cả tuyệt vời. Và thật kỳ lạ là trong hang động này tồn tại một loài cá không có mắt (mà cần gì mắt giữa bóng tối có lẽ hàng triệu năm này ?)

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