Paradise Cave, Phong Nha Cave, Phong Nha Ke Bang

Phong Nha Ke Bang 3 days 2 nights tour is the choice of many tourists when traveling to Quang Binh. The journey to conquer and discovery of the caves at Phong Nha Ke Bang will a memorable memory for visitors.

Phong Nha Ke Bang Tour itinerary will take visitors to visit famous landmarks in Phong Nha as well as explore caves in Quang Binh. Visitors will visit Paradise Cave, Mooc Spring, Chay River, Dark Cave and explore the depth of Phong Nha Cave ” 4,500m”. On the way, visitors will stop offering incense at Tam Co Cave – a historical relic in Quang Binh.

Guests can choose either Phong Nha hotel or Phong Nha Host Family.

Explore Dong Hoi by bike

Phong Nha Ke Bang Tour 3 days 2 nights

DEPARTURE TIME Pickup time from 8h00 – 8h 30 am from your stay (hotel/ train station/ airport/… at Dong Hoi city), 9h00 – 9h30 am at Phong Nha town
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DAY 01: DONG HOI – PARADISE CAVE – MOOC SPRING (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner)

07h00:   The transport and  tour guide Netin Travel pick up visitor in Dong Hoi city, take guests to have breakfast at the restaurant.

08h00: Depart to the West Ho Chi Minh trail, to offering incense at Tam Co Cave, then to  Paradise Cave.

With a total length of 31.4km – Paradise Cave is the longest dry cave in Asia today. Visitors will visit the first 1km of Thien Duong Cave on a wooden floor bridge system, admiring the unique beauty of magical stalactites and stalagmites. You take souvenir photos at  Paradise Cave.

Paradise cave
Paradise cave

12h00:   Have lunch at Phong Nha restaurant.

After lunch, visitors come to MOOC spring ecotourism area.

Coming to Mooc Spring, visitors immerse themselves in the beautiful, pristine and majestic natural scenery of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park. Visitors drop their souls into the jade-green water with a temperature of 200C all year round, kayaking, bathing in streams and playing passionate jumping games.

16h00: Departure to Saigon Phong Nha hotel check in, rest.

19h00:  Dinner at the restaurant, free to visit Phong Nha at night.

Guests stay overnight at the hotel.


DAY 02: DISCOVER Phong Nha cave 4500m (Breakfast / lunch / dinner)

Morning: Guests have breakfast at the hotel.

8:00:   Our car and guide pick you up for the journey to discover Phong Nha Cave 4,500m.

Visitors will choose to move from the cave entrance to the depth of 4,500m by canoe or kayak. Before departure, visitors will be informed about the Phong Nha 4,500m tour, safety and health notes. Visitors will also be provided with specialized equipment included: sandals, flashlights, helmets, swimwear…

On the way to the first two areas of Phong Nha cave: the entrance area and the middle area, visitors will admire the majestic underground river, shimmering stalactites, and observe life from the entrance area. Entering with shrimp, fish, bat… Not far from the cave entrance is the intermediate area, this is the area where artificial electric lights are installed. The intermediate zone stretches over about 1,200m.

After the last light, the shadow area officially appears, this is where there is no artificial lighting. To ensure a safe journey, we have installed strong ropes for visitors to easily cling to when moving. After exploring about 500m inside the dark, kayak or boat will stay behind, visitors will pass rocks, narrow passages and giant stalactites. Visitors’ footsteps will slow down to see the majestic stalactites inside when passing through the first 100m. Completing the first 1,000m of the shadow area, the group will have a light meal; The fun, warm atmosphere of the snack will bring people closer together.

Next visitors will swim in the cave to enter the underground river, the temperature of the water in the cave is very pleasant and the scenery is beautiful. After swimming about 200m, you will come to a sandy beach, visitors will swim and walk on beautiful, smooth and velvety sands. From this point, the current becomes stronger, the guide will connect a rope from one point to another point of the river and visitors will cross it. The strange thing is that in this place, there are points in the cave that suddenly seem wider and higher, the light is dim, and the space is bold. Perhaps that is why the previous explorer called this place Huyen Khong cave.

In this part of the cave,  Xuyen Son Lake  is hundreds of square meters wide with blue water color that really delights visitors. Dotted as hidden as appearing on both sides of the cave and in the middle of the lake are stalactites, making Xuyen Son Ho more strange and mysterious.

After 2-4 hours, visitors will reach the 4,500m point. Here, visitors will be awarded with Conquering Xuyen Son Ho and Discovering 4,500m of Phong Nha Cave.

The group had lunch in the cave. After lunch, the group is free to bathe in the stream, then depart by kayak.

15h00: Pick up the delegation at the meeting point by the river back to the hotel to rest.

19h00: Group dinner at the restaurant, experience exploring Phong Nha at night.


DAY 03: CHAY RIVER TOUR DIGHT (breakfast/lunch)

Morning: Have breakfast at the hotel, relax after a day of exploring Phong Nha Cave.

9h00: Check out the hotel, depart along the legendary Ho Chi Minh road to depart for Chay River tourist area Dark cave.Upon arriving at the destination, visitors will change costumes, hear the guide process instructions .

Zipline to explore Dark Cave

Visitors will  swing a 2-wire zipline 400m long from the center to the entrance of Dark Cave. This is the longest 2-wire zipline in Southeast Asia with a modern and safe investment. At the entrance of the cave, visitors will be equipped with a helmet and a flashlight to explore the Dark Cave. With 1,000m of dark road inside the cave, visitors will be like real explorers. At the end of the cave will be the first and only natural mud bath in Vietnam. Visitors are free to soak, take a mud bath to care for their skin.

Zipline Chay River
Zipline Chay River

Kayaking, river swimming, trying adventure games on the river

Returning to Zipline Chay River explorer Dark Cave, visitors will participate in kayaking and walking on the Chay River. The river is as blue as jade and extremely cool. Visitors are free to bathe and swim in the river, experience a short zipline swing to drop into the river, or try their hand at the game of overcoming their own strength.

Noon:  Have a rest and enjoy special dishes at the restaurant.

Afternoon:  You can continue to bathe in the river or play games on the river. Afterward, the car and Netin Travel guide took the group back to Dong Hoi, say goodbye to the group, ending the Phong Nha Ke Bang tour 3 days 2 night.

Phong Nha Cave
Paradise cave
Suoi muoc mooc, mooc spring
Phong Nha Cave

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