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Day 1 Dong Hoi – General Vo Nguyen Giap Souvenir House – Cha Loi Cave Expedition


Cha loi cave Breakfast,

Lunch, Diner.

Day 2 Hang Coi Village – Learn about Bru Van Kieu culture – Nuoc Lanh Streamlet Dong hoi Breakfast,

Lunch, Diner.

Day 3 Quang Phu Sand Dunes – Phong Nha Cave – Chay River, Dark Cave. Breakfast,

Lunch, Diner.



20h00 you gather at Ninh Binh Station to depart for Quang Binh. Sleep the night on the train.


07h00: Car and tour guide  Phong Nha cave (netin) pick you up at Dong Hoi Station then depart for breakfast and personal hygiene.

08:15: The delegation departs to visit the Souvenir House of General Vo Nguyen Giap in Le Thuy district.

09:30: The delegation heading to the company’s operation center in Sung Tree village. At the visitor operations center is equipped flashlights, shoes, sandals and gloves and equipment needed for cave exploration. Visitors get instructions from our guide on how to use the equipment as well as some cave exploration rules. 1 number of items prepared for the expedition. The group visited the home of the Bru Van Kieu people, listened to the traditional musical instrument and learned about the ethnic musical instruments of the indigenous people. Visitors will have a talk, exchange and cultural exchange with the Bru – Van Kieu people, an ethnic minority remaining in Quang Binh province, learn about the worship of living people, wedding ceremony,… very special imprinted with the culture of ethnic minorities of Vietnam. Then visitors come to explore Cha Loi cave. Here visitors will experience many activities such as walking, crawling, climbing, swimming experience with a journey of more than 4km in the cave. The journey to explore Cha Loi Cave is a journey that does not repeat, visitors will be kept beautiful discovery photos in the cave. In addition to admiring the magnificent stalactite system as well as experiencing adventurous exploration, visitors will also come to the beautiful love tunnel.
13:00: Visitors come out of the cave for lunch with local dishes organized by the company. After lunch guests relax on the spot.

15:00: The group departs into the Coi Da village, where there is a valley of love of Bru Van Kieu people. Netin company will organize forest survival skills training for visitors. Basic survival skills will be directly exchanged and practiced right in the forest / stream such as collecting firewood, making fires, creating safe shelter / sleep,… Visitors bathe in the stream, relax with the clear and cool water of the stream in the middle of the majestic Truong Son forest. Visitors will participate in the experience of catching fish at the stream with locals and enjoy hand-prepared grilled fish.
17:00: Set up a tent, rest, have BBQ dinner prepared by the company. Visitors will experience overnight camping in the beautiful love valley, enjoying delicious dishes of the indigenous people, dishes with their own culinary characteristics of the people here. In the evening visitors will be able to participate in collective games and campfires with guides and porters.



06:30: Wake up early in the morning, have breakfast and immerse yourself in nature. The delegation will participate in the Vovinam martial arts training session organized by Netin.
08:00: After breakfast, visitors will learn about the cultural and economic life of the people of Hang Coi village. The delegation will participate in local tree planting activities. Visitors will manually dig the soil, plant young trees to contribute to environmental protection. 10h00: Trekking between Truong Son mountains and forests to The Cold Water Gap. In this journey, visitors will encounter ancient trees with wide foliage, some rare animals are included in the conservation list. The group bathed in streams on the trekking road.
12:00: The group has lunch at Nuoc Lanh streamlet.
14:00: The group will follow the stream to the gathering point. The bus picks up the group to the hotel in Dong Hoi. On the way back, the group visited Quang Binh Citadel Gate, Mother Suot Statue. Visitors check in to the hotel, freely bathe in Nhat Le beach.
18:00: Guests have dinner then rest at Manli Resort (4 stars).

DAY 03: SAND SLIDE – PHONG NHA CAVE – CHAY RIVER, DARK CAVE (Breakfast / Lunch / dinner)

In the morning of 6:00, the group departed for sand skiing at Quang Phu sand dunes, then bathed in Nhat Le beach and returned to breakfast at the hotel. Guests check out of the hotel.
9:00: The delegation departs to visit Phong Nha Cave. This is the most representative cave of beauty at Phong Nha – Ke Bang Heritage Site with 7 global outstanding criteria voted by the British Royal Cave Society. This is the only underground river cave in Vietnam that is exploiting tourism. Phong Nha Ke Bang has been recognized as a World Natural Heritage Site in Vietnam 2 times. Visitors: Bi Ky cave, Tien cave, Palace cave, follow the rustic boat people explore the first 1.2km of Phong Nha underground river route. Then return to Dong Hoi city.

13:00: Lunch at the restaurant. Enjoy local specialties: Tricolor sticky rice, sesame salt rice balls, fried fish, crayfish…
Explore the Evening Chay River After relaxing lunch, visitors are ziped to visit the Dark Cave. Before the zipline to explore the Dark Cave, visitors are equipped with lights and hats, as well as straps to zipline through the dark cave. With a headlamp, the equipment prepared in front of visitors will have a very interesting experience when walking, swimming through the cool Thuy Tien Lake, relaxing with mud bath activities. After the journey to explore the Dark Cave, visitors can kayak on the Chay River, bathe on the cool Chay River. Chay River is a poetic river between Chay and Tram Mé villages, featuring gentle jade green water colors winding around rustic villages. Guests will zipline to bathe in the river and participate in water recreation activities.
16:30: Car and tour guide Netin take you to Dong Hoi Train Station. Farewell, see you later. The dining group on board was prepared by Netin travel.

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