Travel to Phong Nha Quang Binh winter and spring

Travel to Phong Nha Quang Binh winter and spring with different and impressive experiences. The weather at this time with temperatures between 18-26 degrees Celsius ,sometimes rain but is not a big rain. This is the ideal time for you to experience trekking and camping activities in Quang Binh. The Quang Binh caves this season are also very beautiful due to the abundance of water in the cave. Especially in winter-spring, there are many attractive tourism stimulus programs, many Quang Binh hotels offer deep discounts to attract visitors to experience.

Phong Nha Quang Binh attractions destinations in Witer-Spring Season 

Dong Chau – Nuoc Trong  Nature Reserve

An evergreen forest located in the west of Quang Binh province. Traveling to Quang Binh in the winter and spring here you will have a chance to be clouds hunter, trekking under the forest canopy with large trees, conquer Duong Cam waterfall up to 1oo metter high.

During the Dong Xuan journey in western Quang Binh, visitors can visit the village and sleep in the homestay of the Bru Van Kieu people in Rum Ho village. Visitors can also choose to sleep in tents in the forest or bullet fields. Immersing yourself in nature to experience at the time of Winter Spring is an attractive activity in Quang Binh

Bang Onsen Spa and Resort

Bang Onsen is the highlight of Quang Binh in the winter-spring season. With a natural boiling point of 105 degrees Celsius.

The experience is extremely interesting that you should try when traveling to Quang Binh in winter and spring. At Bang Onsen, in addition to resorting, bathing in hot mineral springs, visitors can choose to combine trekking to conquer Duong Cam Waterfall, explore Cha Lo Cave. It is great after the trekking journey, exploring the cave, visitors will come to take a dip in Bang Onsen to re-energize.

Explore the Cha Loi cave

Cha Loi cave system is located in a complex of tourism products in western Quang Binh. With a beautiful cave system, many different experiences, and there is a beautiful campsite in the tranquil valley with the stream and among the mountains for visitors to immerse themselves in nature.

During the journey to explore Quang Binh cave, visitors will also visit and learn about the culture of the Bru Van Kieu people. The trekking journey through the canopy of Truong Son forest or walking along the stream are fascinating experiences when you come to Cha Lo cave. The Hang Cha Loi Trekking Route is considered the most beautiful Trekking Route in Vietnam.

Top 3 Beautiful Trekking Trails in Quang Binh

Camping in the valley of love in Quang Binh,

In the winter and spring, visitors can experience camping . This is an ideal check-in and overnight camping place with fresh space, four sides are mountains, in the middle of vast steppe grass fields. Back where there is no phone signal or wifi, only friends gather around the fire to tell each other about experiences when coming to Quang Binh or sharing about work.

Camping experience at the valley of love in Quang Binh is an experience you should try when traveling to Quang Binh in winter-spring.

Phong Nha Cave 

The top destination of Quang Binh tourism not only summer. Phong Nha winter spring cave has its own beautiful drawings. At Phong Nha Cave, visitors can choose from a regular tour or a 4500m Phong Nha expedition tour. The journey to Phong Nha Cave, visitors will be able to take a boat ride of about 30 minutes, in winter-spring, the peaceful scenery of 1 village is enjoyed by visitors when taking a boat to see around.

Paradise Cave in winter-spring

Visitors will be able to walk under the green forest canopy. See the freshness of nature and the beauty of stalactites in the heart of Paradise Cave.

Unlike the bustling and crowded summer, the spring winter in Paradise Cave (Thien Duong Cave) is not too crowded, this is also a great experience in the heart of the cave in Quang Binh Experience.

Quang Phu sand dunes

Quang Phu sand dunes are free tourist destinations in Quang Binh. Located in the heart of Dong Hoi city, Quang Binh province, Quang Phu sand dunes are always the choice for visitors who prefer a close experience.

Quang Binh winter and spring are neither hot nor too cold, this is a great opportunity for visitors who like activities to return to nature and checkin. Quang Phu sand dunes are a tourist destination not to be missed when coming to Quang Binh.

Unlike the bustling summer, Quang Binh winter and spring have fewer visitors, the weather is suitable for those who avoid the heat. This tourist season, you will encounter a lot of international tourists coming to experience Quang Binh. This is also the time when services in Quang Binh are the most discounted and elaborate to serve tourists

Here are number of tours you should refer to when coming to Quang Binh in winter-spring or planning to travel to Quang Binh.


Quang Binh Dong Xuan Tour Quang Binh Expedition 3 days 2 nights

The combiningDong Chau  Nuoc Trong Nature , Cha Loi Cave, Community tourism in Rum Ho village. Travel journey back to nature and learn about community culture. Quang Binh expedition program with the most impressive Quang Binh Trekking route in Quang Binh in winter and spring.

Trekking Quang Binh

Trekking Journey 1 day or 2 days 1 night to experience attractive landmarks such as Cha Loi Cave, Kieu Cave, Duong Cam Waterfall trekking and the majestic Truong Son mountains. Quang Binh 1 day tour to explore Phong Nha Ke Bang 1 day tour to visit famous and traditional landmarks in Phong Nha Ke Bang such as Phong Nha Cave, Paradise Cave, Chay River Dark Cave. Guests have many options for this 1-day Phong Nha tour itinerary. Experience western Quang Binh. Experience western Quang Binh with trekking routes, caving and combining onsen bang for relaxation.

Phong Nha Quang Binh in Winter and Spring with different experiences

Quang Binh Travel introduces very attractive places in Quang Binh in winter-spring for visitors to experience and explore. This time to Quang Binh, visitors will encounter many international visitors to experience and explore. The Quang Binh Spring Tour is flexibly designed according to the requirements of visitors. Each journey or 1 choice is a completely different experience in Quang Binh. Contact us for advice on Quang Binh winter spring tour.


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