VietNam Summer Camp in Quang Binh – The magical journey


The “VietNam Summer Camp” program in Quang Binh has officially ended with unforgettable experiences and unforgettable memories. This trip has brought to domestic and international children magical connections and discoveries of nature, from challenging cave exploration to the exchange with the unique culture of Bru Van Kieu relatives. The journey of conquering and discovering yourself from connections with nature and people in new lands.

Experience the vibrant summer in Quang Binh with VietNam Summer Camp

Visit Vo Nguyen Giap General memorial house

During the trip, the children were immersed in the wonderful natural beauty of Quang Binh. Cha Loi Cave, Coi Da Valley, Phong Nha Cave, Paradise Cave, and Chay River Dark Cave have proven that magnificence does not only exist in fairy tales. Visiting these places has made young people realize that life is a constant adventure, and challenges that help them discover their limits.

Not only exploring nature, but you also have the opportunity to learn and experience the unique culture of Bru Van Kieu relatives. Socializing football, playing and mingling at the campfire, and dancing with relatives have created memorable memories.

Learn about culture of local people

This is a great opportunity for the children to discover the love and unity of a special community.

The afterglow of the trip is a memorable experience, “VietNam Summer Camp” has inspired and motivated the children to train and develop better in the future. Interesting things and challenges have aroused your desire to explore and practice your skills. It is a source of motivation for children to continue to explore and conquer future summer camps with new and promising things.

VietNam Summer Camp in Quang Binh is a magical journey that not only brings joy and wonderful experiences but also encourages the development and training of children. Let’s wait for the next adventures and get ready to experience great things in the upcoming summer camps. Be prepared and open to exciting discoveries.

Improve environment by small thing

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