Vinh Moc tunnels “Legend in the Ground” at Viet Nam

Vinh Moc Tunnels is part of Vinh Linh’s tunnel village system, distributed within of 15 villages. The system of tunnel villages and works in the tunnels consists of 3 floors, 8-22.5m above the ground, more than 1000m long, 1.7-1.8m high. Along the two sides of the tunnel there are small walls and niches that can accommodate 2 to 4 people. In the tunnels, there are other works such as: bulletin board, maternity house, water well, surgery station, dispensary, cooking kitchen, there is also a hall with a capacity of 50-60 people for meetings and performances. art.

VInh Moc Tunner
Tourists visit Vinh Moc tunnels

When the war reached the point of destruction, even plants and insects were burned by thousands of tons of bombs. Then life here goes on sequentially. Unbelievably in the 2000 days and nights of existence, this place no one was injured and 17 babies were born. The lullaby overpowered the bomb. Today, Vinh Moc Tunnels is the birthplace of the vitality of Vietnamese people, visitors not only admire the tunnel system but also contemplate the slogan, which has become the philosophy for the whole nation: “An inch does not go, a glass that doesn’t leave”.

Vinh Linh is a district in the north of Quang Tri province, divided into two by the 17th parallel, according to the Geneva agreement in 1954. Since 1965, the US imperialists waged a war to destroy North Vietnam by force. The land of Vinh Linh north of the Ben Hai River became a bomb bag, the fire line of the war. During the time Quang Tri was liberated (1965 – 1972), the land of less than 820 km2 was subjected to more than half a million tons of bombs and bullets. On average, a resident suffered 7 tons. With the will of “An inch does not go, a glass does not leave”, clinging to protect the homeland, keeping the blood vessels open to support the front line. The army and people of Vinh Linh province have moved their lives from the ground to the underground to create a massive tunnel village with 114 tunnels, with a length of slightly 40 km, along with more than 2000 km of trenches, connecting the tunnel villages with each other. . Vinh Moc Tunnels is the most typical, a miracle for existence to live, independence and freedom.

door Vinh mooc
door Vinh mooc

Within 3 years from 1965 to 1968, both fighting the enemy and digging tunnels, Vinh Moc village mobilized 18,000 working days to dig and backfill 6000 m3 of soil and rock to create a system of geo-tunnels in the heart of the red earth hill with three compartments. The tunnels are interlaced with many doors from all directions, 4 teams dug 4 branches to form a smooth system called the surrounding tunnel village, surrounding the tunnel village has 8200 m of traffic, they fight with the mass. rock up to 3.76 million m3.


The cry of babies bursting into the ground over the sound of falling bombs is one of the legends of Vinh Linh tunnels. And now many tourists have come here to explore and admire Vinh Moc tunnels, “legend in the ground”.

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