But waterfall – Tien well plan approval
The Duong Cam Waterfall is surrounded by dense primeval forest with many species listed in the very rare category

Quang Binh provincial people’s committee has implemented decision No.2359/QD-UBND to approve the plan on eco-tourism site Gieng Tien and Thac But.

The ecotousism site belongs to Hong Hoa communes and Yen Hoa of Minh Hoa district with total area of 37.0 ha.
The border on the North is Khe Roon in Hong Hoa commune, the west is National Road 12A, the East and mountainous area in Tan Hoa village, the south is
Yen Hoa commune.

The perpose of the plan is to exploit values of spritual culture of people living there and beauty spots, organize touism services on ecological
entertainments, parks, discover beatuty spots, learn culture.

The ecotourism site is built based on discovery of two main destinations, namely But waterfall and Tien well, make a connection between natural landscapes
and ecotourism fuctions along But waterfall, reduce the negative impacts on environment.

The plan included four areas, on the North is the tourist activity area with reception area, art exhibition, food – festival and water park; spritual park
in the center of tourism site, But waterfall and Tien Well; the local tourism area with interrsting experience
in connection with daily life of people; theconsevation of natural environment, ecological nature and waild animals

According to the report, the plan is basically built one floor with the roof in connection with natural spots, giving top priority to use local
and natural materials

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