Why is Kong Collapse Top Adventure the No.1 adventure tour in Vietnam?

Embarking on many exciting unique challenges while exploring the cave system of the ” Kingdom of Caves” of Quang Binh, culminating in the arduous task of descending the chasm of Kong 100m deep swinging visitors were delighted that the ” Kong Collapse Top Adventure” undoubtedly the most exciting adventure trip in Vietnam. Allow us to explain why this is the case.

Son Doong Cave, the world’s largest cave in Vietnam.

– The Tiger Cave system is deep in the mountainous forest of the Phong Nha– Ke Bang National Park. This system includes three distinct caves – Pygmy, Over, and Tiger – all connected by way of the colossal Kong sinkhole. The Pygmy Cave, standing alone, ranks as the fourth largest cave on the planet. Within the very center of the sinkhole lies a truly remarkable sight – a primordial forest, untouched by time.

Kong Collapse
Kong Collapse

Kong Collapse, a sinkhole located in Vietnam, is of mystery , has recently been opened to tourism despite discovery in 1997. The immense cave ceiling system collapsed millions of years ago, leaving Kong Collapse with unexplored nooks , crannies, and underground caves. They are waited to be discovery by humans.

-The sinkhole in Kong boasts an impressive depth of 450m, making it one of the deepest on Earth. Over cave is with its superb formations of varied shapes and located within 125m wide and 80m high cave bed. Words cannot fully the feeling of standing at the top of a building nearly 30 stories high. Then plunge into the air and be enveloped by the beauty of forests and mountains within the pristine caves. This is an experience that simply cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world.

-A team of American caving experts, in collaboration with colleagues from Jungle Boss Company. They have devoted significant effort to designing the safety plan for cave exploration and participation. They aim to provide visitors with absolute safety, achieved through the use of advanced safety equipment that meets international standards. This equipment is operated by a team of highly-trained and professional cave safety experts who work for Jungle Boss.

Safety in caves
Safety in caves

Conquer Duong Cam Waterfall 01 day adventure tour.

– To conquer the Kong Collapse, visitors must meet all age, health, and special requirements, must pass a health test as well as participate in a cave skills training program before departure.

– Kong Collapse Top Adventure is the most unique and adventurous journey in Vietnam with a series of experiences including trekking, swimming in dark caves under cold water, conquering cliffs, dinosaur spine and waterfalls, conquering 1 of the 4 giant caves in the world.

In the Collapse Cave
In the Collapse Cave

– The special pinnacle of adventure and emotional bursting is the experience of swinging at Kong Collapse 100m sinkhole –  the only type of cave adventure rope swing tourism in Vietnam – from the top of the sinkhole. There, participants will control the swinging equipment themselves, and control the speed of movement under the supervision and safety support of a team of experts.

-To sum up, Kong Collapse Top Adventure will bring you special emotions, sometimes fear, sometimes joy, and pride. Proud that you can overcome your fears, conquer your limits, and suddenly realize that your heart is brave!

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