When people think of Ramie leaves rice cake, they usually think of the famous Binh Dinh delicacy, but there is another equally wonderful sort of cake in Quang Binh called Le Thuy banh gai. The profession of creating Ramie leaves rice cake has been around for a long time. Initially, the cake was as round

Embarking on many exciting unique challenges while exploring the cave system of the ” Kingdom of Caves” of Quang Binh, culminating in the arduous task of descending the chasm of Kong 100m deep swinging visitors were delighted that the ” Kong Collapse Top Adventure” undoubtedly the most exciting adventure trip in Vietnam. Allow us to

Phong Nha cave, from which the name to the whole system and the park is derived, is famous for its rock formations which have been given names such as the “Lion”, the “Fairy Caves”, the “Royal Court”, and the “Buddha”. Phong Nha cave is 7729 m long but tourists can only penetrate to a distance

Dutch electronic music star Martin Garrix said the four-day Son Doong Cave experience was “the trip of a lifetime”. On February 3, Martin Garrix wrote on his personal Instagram page: “The most magical four days ever! Thank you to the entire team for making this journey the trip of a lifetime.” As of the afternoon

As the year 2023 winds down, the captivating province of Quang Binh in Vietnam is gearing up to welcome the New Year with an array of exciting events and festivities. From lively countdown parties to cultural performances, culinary competitions, and more, Quang Binh is set to dazzle both locals and visitors alike. Here’s a glimpse

Phong Nha is an attractive tourist destination in central Vietnam. From Ninh Binh, tourists have many ways to get to Phong Nha Ke Bang in Quang Binh province. In this article, Phong Nha Cave will share details for tourists about means of transportation from Ninh Binh to Phong Nha, Quang Binh Introduction To Phong Nha

Vo Nguyen Giap General is a hero, a leader with great prestige of Vietnamese nation, a military genius honoured and admired by the world. His life was associated with the cause of national liberation of the Party and Ho Chi Minh President. He directly commanded many major campaigns, including the 1954 Dien Bien Phu campaign

Situated in the Dong Chau – Khe Nuoc Trong Nature Reserve, the Duong Cam Waterfall only adds to the vivid and majestic natural beauty of Quang Binh. The Dong Chau – Khe Nuoc Trong Nature Reserve is located west of Le Thuy District, Quang Binh Province. This reserve has rich flora and fauna and spectacular

Dong Hoi travelling is an activity in the Quang Binh Discovery Tourism program. What is attractive in Dong Hoi in the chain of discovering Quang Binh – the land full of tourism potential. Quang Binh – the land of dry wind white sand which has been favored by mother nature and bestowed with beautiful landscapes,

Ozo Park is a new destination for Quang Binh tourist these days. In Ozo Park, you can discover numerous exciting activities with tree games. Ozo Park is part of Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park. Ozo Park location About 50 km from Dong Hoi city, Quang Binh province, to Phong Nha Tourist Center, follow highway